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Excel 5000

Posted on Wed, 3 Jun 2009 at 12:11

Excel 5000- Prints photographs on plates and other items, Located in NJ, Picture Available....$3000.00 or we can talk about the price.

Excel Photo-Glazing Systems

Personalized gifts are one of the fastest growing market segments in the mult-billion dollar photography and giftware industries. Crossing many markets, personalized gifts appeal to many customers, regardless of the industry.

Our products are easily adapted to almost any type of venue and are sought after by all types of customers. From a small owner/operator to some of the most prestigious luxury cruise lines in the world. our Excel Photo Enhancement Systems along with out excellent customer service have made our clients successful by creating the highest quality personalized gifts.

With our Photo Enhancement Glazing Process, the actual photo (or inkjet reprint) is used to produce true photo-quality output. By using our Excel Glaze to seal the photo to any one of our many charming products, the clarity of the image is not only increased, but the colors become much more vibrant. Our Excel Glaze is guaranteed to remain crystal clear, creating a product that will last for generations to come.

For a new business or an extension of an existing venture, our Excel Photo Enhancement glazing System will produce a high-profit-margin personalized photo gift product that is unequalled in quality and price. Customers will return time and again to purchase these unique heirlooms.

Can I use a computer copy instead of a real photograph?

Yes, color copies work fine if produced on high-quality photo paper.
Does the Photo-Glazing process only work on our plates, trays and various items?

No, our porcelain is not specially treated. You can use any non-absorbing surface to glaze on to (i.e., glass, metal, plastic, tile, ceramics and even finished wood). In fact, our process can work for all types of different companies and product lines; Engravers who want a finish coating over the engraved surface; Trophy companies looking for something to set their products apart from competitors; Pad printing and screen printing business wishing to benefit form our unique methods and products.
Does photo-glazing require special training?

No, we provide a 90-minute training video, a 240-page reference manual, online support and extensive technical support from our staff that will easily get you making plates in no time.
How much space does this require?

Most set-ups require only about 100 square feet -- perfect for adding to an already crowded shop, or a space-saving home-based business as well.
Can I remove the picture once it is glazed?

Yes, the process is totally reversible (except for cutting the image). You can remove the coating, then remove the picture and simply use a good glass cleaner to clean the plate for use one again. There are no wasted plates, trays or vases in this business. You can reclaim everything except the glaze itself.
How hot do you have to get the plates to cure them?

This process is not about heat but about ultra violet light. The resin will only cure under intense UV exposure.

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