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photochromic pigments for Textile(NewColorChem)-Screen printing use

Posted on Sat, 25 Jun 2011 at 1:10

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Hi friends

We have the magic pigment that named photochromic pigment,which can use for screen can help Textile to change color under SUN light or UV light,and would make it return back to original color when lights removed.detailed as follows:

Photosensitive discoloration products will change colors from colorless to color under the Sunlight or UV light .And it will return to its original color when move away the Sunlight or UV light . The whole process is reversible .

1.Color available : Red,Yellow ,Blue ,Purple ,Orange,Skye-blue
2.Color changes form: from colorless to one of above colors
3.Color changes' condistion : Sunlight or UV light
4.With many applications.Such as inks,paints,plastic, masterbatch,clothes,etc for all kinds of surface coating products.

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