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Some Other Equipment Available at Thornton Equipment Co.

Posted on Fri, 6 Jul 2012 at 11:28

Thornton Equipment Co.
Textile, Embroidery and Graphic Equipment
David Thornton 413-536-2480
July 2012
This is "Our Little Bit of Everything List", Ask us about Additional Textile, Graphic
and Embroidery Equipment and we will send you out additional list(s).


Pre Press
Agfa Accuset 1000 Imagesetter-Fully functional with all documents and books. Included is a PowerMac 7100 Rip-station with Mac- dongle for keyboard and mouse.
Apple color plus 15 inch monitor. All cables and cartridges to handle 12 inch or 14 inch roll film or sheets.
Viper software on the Rip. The machine was updated in 2004 and recalibrated in 2007.
Will palletize and load on truck, Pictures Available, Located in in MN
Epson R1800 Printer with Rip Software and also FastRip- Also 200pcs of 13x19 film, Never Used, Owner purchased this over
a year ago and didn't find the time to hook it up. Pictures Available, Located in PA

Hewlett Packard Design Jet 5000 PS- 60" FormatExcellent Condition, Picture Available, Located in OR The 60" print capability means that the HP 5000 and 5500
are both faster than any 44" Epson piezo printhead, such as Epson Stylus Pro 1060 0. Piezo technology is limited in number of nozzles making them inherently slow.
The 60" width of the new HP 5000 and 5500 helps sign makers with the trend to wider jobs. Unlike Hewlett-Packard, Epson is unable to offer a 60” print capability.

Nuac 4k Lamp- Located in CN, Picture Available
Located in NY, Photos Available
Manual 4 Color Hat Press – Can also be used as a T-shirt Press...$650.
Manual Flash Unit on Rolling Stand-18" X 20"
Reclaiming Sink- 30" wide Black line
Never Used -25 Placement Screen Drying Rack-Holds screen sizes 20 x 20 and 23 x 31, Adjustable, Rolling Rack
Inline Athletic Numbering Screen Press- 2006, 2 Color Prints numbers sized from 2" to 10"...$3000.

Inline Numbering Printer- 10 Screens, 4 Pallets, Flash, Attachments for 4 Color Press, Located in AZ .....$4000.
Vastex 18x18 Auto Flash- Located in PA....$1250.
Veit 4255 Dress Board Table (Steam Pressing Machine)- Like New, Base unit with suction and blowing, swivelarm and iron rest.
Ironing Surface: DB surface 1100 x 320mm with standard cover. Weight: 75 kg / 165.20 lbs, Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz.
Pictures Available, Located in FL This table is designed for finishing garments. The blowing function offers facilitates cost effective ironing of face fabrics and linings
in various sizes and materials, without leaving pressure marks. The iron gantry with lighting assembly and air-vent chimney makes your work more convenient.

Squeegee Sharpeners
Svecia Squeegee Sharpener- Used to sharpen squeegees for ultra-fine (100 line) four-color process screen printing. It is automated.
So it will run unattended for up to 99 passes at variable speed. By changing to a finer sanding belt the squeegee rubber will make perfect, scratch-free printing.
This is a must for any serious screen printer. It handles squeegees up to 60" long.
Or sharpen several at once. Pictures Available, Located in ME ....$1500.
Drying Racks
Drying Rack- very used, 24" x 36", Pictures Available, Located in PA
Drying Racks- 46 x 68" w/ 50 shelves, Located in NJ, Pictures Available.....$1400.
Newman Roller Frames for Belt Printer- 273/4" x 433/4" OD, 241/2" x 403/4" ID, Photo Available, Located in MA....$30.00 each
Purchase 40 or more $25.00 each (Roughly 80 left)
Heat Presses
Practix Mfg Heat Transfer, 16" x 20" OK-25-Air Operated with Dual Shuttle Platens, 220volt, Located in NYC, NY, Photos Available..$1800.
Geo Knight Twin Shuttle Embossing Heat Press- 2004, Model: 394-TS/MTS, 16" x 20, Excellent Condition due to low usage hours. Air Operated Shuttle Press
The 394 Shuttle Press is a high production, twin station heat transfer press, Photos Available....$5000.
Direct to Garmant Printers
T-Jet2- with Epson Stylus Photo 2200- 4 years (Only used for approx. 6 mo. hasn't been used in over 1 yr.)
Includes: shirt boards/ bulk system /ink/ cleaning solution, pre-treatment, Pictures Available, Located in AZ....$4000.


We now Sell NEW Pad Printers
SPC-84- is a small table top, One Color Pad Printer
SPC-814E-Comes mounted on the steel base cabinet, One Color Pad Printer
SPC-824SD- Two Color Pad Printer----Many other Two Color Pad Printers Available
Also Available in 4 Color, 5 Color, and 6 Color
We Sell NEW Cylinder Printers
Model S-300S Cylindrical Screen Printer
Model S-450S Cylindrical Screen Printer

Douthitt Vacuum Frame and 5K Lamp-Located in NY, Photos Available
AWT Flatbed- Print Area 14 x 20- In Excellent Working Condition, Serviced weekly and once a year by professional techs. Don't know the age, In great cosmetic
& working condition, probably weighs 600 lbs, Can be loaded into a van or small trailer- for pick up only, unless buyer makes arrangements to have crated.
Pictures Available, Located in CA...$3900.

Lawson Proto-Press 2024 Manual Screen Printer- This press has the optional vacuum table, Approx 4 years old with about 10 hours of
use on it. Excellent Condition. High quality, all metal printhead, Easy rear clamping accommodates screens of any size, Micro-registration with exclusive XYZ locator
grid speeds set-up. Adjustable Spring lifters, allow frames of most weights to be easily used, Adjustable-height table and screen head accommodate various substrate
thicknesses up to 20", Casters included for easy press mobility, This press can be crated and placed into pickup or trailer. Located in IN, Photos Available.

Super Primetex- Open Well-with accessories, Cabinet Stand Included, Needs Relay Switch, In Fair Condition
Approx mid-1970s model, Best Offer

2) Fasco 642 Thermal Printers- w/ pc driven software, Comes with assortment rolls of thermal ribbons and tagstock
2-Sided Printers w/ stackers. Approx. 10-12 years old. One machines works great, the other needs some work.
Picture Available, Located in NY....$1500. each or Both for $2000.

American UV/IR Combo Dryer- Modular/UV Lamp, Belt 45" x 20', Presently Disassembled, Pictures Available, Located in NJ

Triumph Manual Paper Cutter 4700- 18-3/4" Triumph 4700 Manual Paper Cutter features all-metal heavy-duty construction
modern safety guards a measuring scale on the front table, and a spindle-clamping system.
Can be Seen, Pictures Available, Located in CA .... $1000.

2) Hydrolic Clickers- 1} Schwabe 1} Atom- Used for die cutting materials, Steel table and a platen on a swivel arm, Good Condition
About 14 years old, 3 Phase, Table and Platen Size:18" x 24", Located in Georgia .... $2000. each

5) Seal O Matic High Frequency Heat Seal Machines- with 4 Station, 6' Rotary Turntables, Machine Model #400 FS25, 4kw 1 phase
220, 40 amp, Turntable Camco 6' 4 Station Turntable Model #901RDM4H32-330, Appox.Year 1964, Pictures Available, Located in Nevada
These Machines used for many industries they basically weld or mate two Vinyl materials together commonly used in
Book bindery, stationary, seams on water beds, Vinyl upholstery, Textile industry also to put logos embossed directly
onto vinyl.


Sewing Machines
Pfaff Sewing Machine- 900/51- 1988, S/N KI-438, ERZ# 0-1-0438-009/001, Excellent Condition, Straight and Zig Zag Sewing
Pictures Available, Located in OH.... $695.

2) Brothers 3 Head, 9 Needle- 1997, Model # is BAS-423A. Includes Flat Hoops/Hat Hoops, Thread, Software, Pictures Available
Located in OK ....$9000. each Extra Set of Hat Hoops, Hooper, Hat Stand, Backing......$1000.00 each
Melco EMC1 Single Head, Single Needle 1997, in good working condition. The machine was maintained and oiled regularly, however it
has not had much use in the past several months. Dimensions 30w x 27h x 30d, Weight 100 lbs. Software (not included). Included with
the machine: Complete Manual for Operation, Dongle, 2 Cap Attachments, 10 Embroidery Hoops of Various Sizes, and Many Spools of Partially Used Threads.
Cabinet shown in the picture is available at an additional charge. Located in NY, Photos Available
Tajima TMEF-615 15 Head, 6 Needle- MFG 5626-5, About a 1993, Comeswith Hoops, 30 Hoops Size 15, 30 Hoops Size 21.
Pictures Available, Located in NY....$3700. plus a $1500. Rigging Charge to have it removed from building.

Barudan 1276 ST- 9 Color, 15 Head, Max 10" No Hats, 95B0162, Located in CA
Barudan 9 Color, 15 Head- Max 10" No Hats, 95B0155, Located in CA

Barudan 9 Color, 15 Head- Max 10", No Hats, 95B0152, Located in CA

Barudan BENSME-ZN-12, 12 Head, 9 Needle- 1996, 24) 15mm Hoops, 24) 12mm Hoops, 12) Hat Frames, Located in ME
Pictures Available.....$14,000.

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