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The Heat is on at Thornton Equipment Co. Sizzling Sales!!!!

Posted on Mon, 18 Jul 2011 at 10:08

Thornton Equipment Co.
Textile, Embroidery and GraphicEquipment
David Thornton 413-536-2480
July Specials

M&R Sportsman 6 Color, 8 Station- 2003, Located in FL, Pictures Available....$14,000.

American Multi Printer 6 Color, 8 Station- 2 Flashes, Located in MA, Photos Available....$3500. or $BO

Precision Oval 6 Color- Fully Automatic, Requires NO AIR! (with Quartz Flash-needs work), Located NH, Pictures Available....$3900.

Precision Oval 8 Color- Does not require Air. 220 Volt, Running. Located in Bronx, NY Pays for itself in One Job.
Pictures Available..... $3900

M&R Challenger 8 Color, 10 Station - Mosier Pallet Drive, 20"x 22" Print Area, Front Microregistration, Frame Air Locks
Adjustable Print Stroke, Set of Adult Pallets, Squeegees, Floodbars Included, 13' Setup Diameter, Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty
M&R Challenger 10 Color, 12 Station - Mosier Pallet Drive - 20"x 22" Print Area - Front Microregistration Frame Air Locks w/ Roller Frame Bars, Adjustable Print Stroke,Set of Adult Pallets, Squeegees, Floodbars Included, 15' Setup Diameter, Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty
M&R Challenger 12 Color, 14 Station - Mosier Pallet Drive, 20"x28" Print Area, Front Microregistration, Frame Air Lock, Adjustable Print Stroke - Set of Adult pallets Squeegees, Floodbars included - 18' Setup Diameter, Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty
Manual 4 Color Hat Press – Can also be used as a T-shirt Press, Located in NY, Photos Available....$650.

AWT Super Tex 4 Color, 4 Station - "Tool Free" Microregistration, Side Frame Clamps, 15"X15" Pallets, Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty
Chaparral 6 Color, 6 Station - "Tool Free" Microregistration, Side Frame Clamps, 15"X15" Pallets, Reconditioned w/ 90 Day Warranty
Caps 6 Color 6 Station- It needs a couple of screws and washers and a small aluminum plate for one of the heads.
Works Well and Fair to Good Condition. Located in NC, Pictures Available......$2800.

Hopkins 6 Color, 4 Station - with Micoregistration, Located in MA, Photos Available.... $3700.

Hopkins 8 Color, 4 Station - "Tool Free" Microregistration, Rear Frame Clamps, 15"X15" Aluminum Pallets - Reconditioned w/ 90 Day

Hopkins 8 Color, 4 Station - Jumbo Press- Platens: All Over Platens: SM, MD, LG, XL, Zipper Hoodie x 4, Sleeve / Leg x 4
Extra Large x 4, Standard x 4 Small x 4, Pictures Available, Located in NY.... $5000.

Harco 11' x 24" Dryer- in need of repair, Located in NY
Repairs Needed: a heat control switch, 2 replacement elements out of the 5, few rips in the belt.
The Dryer will need to be disassembled to get it out of shop's small door and tight hallway.

Harco Quick Flash- Electric Flash Unit (18" x 24") Harco - Quick Flash, Located in NY....$350.

Xante Printer- 2003, Located in NY, Weights:15-20 lbs.

Old Style Micro Adjustments for a Hopkins Press- 6) Available, Clamps to the back of the print head. Off contact adjustment.
Style # 5258. Brand new, never used. List from Hopkins at $695/ea. Photo Available. Located in WI.

Heat Presses
Practix Mfg Heat Transfer, 16" x 20" OK-25-Air Operated with Dual Shuttle Platens, 220volt, Located in NYC, NY, Photos Available..$1800.
Phoenix Phire Hotonix Heat Press by Stahl's- 2009, 16 x 20 Platen, Auto Open STX Clam, Commercial Full T-Shirt Press.
100 lbs. Lightly Used, Located in CT, Picture Available....$750.
Geo Knight Twin Shuttle Embossing Heat Press- 2004, Model: 394-TS/MTS, 16" x 20, Excellent Condition due to low usage hours.
Air Operated Shuttle Press- The 394 Shuttle Press is a high production, twin station heat transfer press, Photos Available....$5000.
Geo Knight Maxi Press- 30" x 40", Good Condition, 10 years old, Located in WI, Pictures Available
208/220/240 Volt, Single Phase, No air required, The unit comes with spare parts and 2 complete heater block elements valued at ($350.)

Located in NJ, Photos Available, Sold as Package, Not Seperately
Vastex 4 color – 4 station manual screen printer w/micro-registration, 4-14” platens, • Cap attatchment w/platen, • Jacket Hold-down
•Oversized 16”x16” platen, • Conveyor Belt Dryer (30” belt, 5 foot length, 18” heat chamber), 220 V, •5-Way Vacu-Light Exposure unit (33”x40”), •Light Box (18”x30”x10”), •Vastex “Red Flash” flash cure (18”x18”), •8 Newman Retensionable Roller Frames (4-New: 18”x20” ID, 4-Used:18”x20”, ID w/fabric protectors), •Newman ST Meter: Bi-directional measuring instrument w/tool kit, torque, wrench, socket wrench, alignment clips, corner softening wedges, and instruction sheet. •Wooden Screens: New (4-13”x17” 8XX mesh, 2-17”x21” 156 mesh, 5-17”x21”, 180 mesh). Used:(10-18”x18”), • Albatros Spot Cleaning Gun, • 2 Scoop Coaters (1-14”, 1-16”), • 6 Squeegees (5-14”, 1-16”), •FastTack adhesive spray (11-17.25 oz. cans), •Plug-Out (1-4oz. can), •Split Liner Tape (4-3.25” rolls), •Transfer Rite Tape (1-3.25” roll)

Located in MI, Pictures Available
RotoTex 4 Color, 3 Station Manual Press- 3 Adult Pallets and 3 Youth Pallets, Side Clamp
M&R Single Tri Loc- Adjustable 23 X 33-36, Adjustable to four different sizes....$2700.
M&R Single Tri Loc- Adjustable 23 X 31, Never Been Used....$1700.
M&R Blue Max 6 Color 4 Station- 1997, no micro registration, with side clamps, set of platens....$2800.
Electric Industrial Power Washer- Hydro Corporation, Model #233013, Serial # 619810001, MX PSI

Located in NY, Photos Available
Manual 4 Color Hat Press – Can also be used as a T-shirt Press...$650.
Manual Flash Unit on Rolling Stand-18" X 20"
Reclaiming Sink- 30" wide Black line
Newman Air Operated Stretch Device Table
Never Used -25 Placement Screen Drying Rack-Holds screen sizes 20 x 20 and 23 x 31, Adjustable, Rolling Rack
Inline Athletic Numbering Screen Press- 2006, 2 Color Prints numbers sized from 2" to 10"...$3000.

Located in NY, Photos Available
Silk Screens-200 x 23x31in Aluminum (Victory Factory)
Atlas 824 Sure Cure Electric Dryer (2ft x 8ft)
8 Color / 4 Station - Jumbo Press (HOPKINS)
All Over Platens: SM, MD, LG, XL
Zipper Hoodie x 4
Sleeve / Leg x 4
Extra Large x 4
Standard x 4
Small x 4
and More

Located in CA
Chaparral 6 Color 6 Station Manual Press- 6 Color 6 Station manual with rotating platens. Off-contact
adjustment and Micro registration. Side clamps that give it stability and comes with a variety of
platens (youth, adult,long and short sleeve, shorts and a jacket hold down unit). Hold down unit I made for printing polyester
or nylon multicolor shorts or pocket logos for jackets. Includes many different size and durometer squeegees.
Hydro Engineering Wash-out/Reclaiming Booth- 1995, with backlights. It is 3 1/2 ft. by 4 ft. by 4 ft. inside dimensions.
Requires 115V, 5A, Single Phase, Photos Available

Sold Seperately or as Package-Photos Available, Located in OH
2) M&R Saturn 30” x 40” Saturn Platinum Presses- 2007.... $9000. each
2) ATMA AT-800H/E Model AT-800H/E, 2000- Working Table 27 ½” x 35 ½”, Max Frame size 37 ¾” x 41 ¼”
Max Vacuum Size 23 5/8” x 31”, Max Printing Area 23 5/8”x 29 ½” ... $3000. each
American Ultraviolet 38” Single Lamp 10’ UV Conveyor-2005.... $12,200.
Olec Olite and PolyCop Vacuum Table- Olite AL 53 with AI121 Light Iintegrator see
Model 50/66 blanket is 50"x 66"
Vytek FX 5150 Laser Cutter
Seal Image 600- is a medium- to high-volume laminator capable of heat-activated and encapsulating operations
up to 55" (140 cm) wide, and pressure-sensitive mounting and laminating up to 61" (155 cm) wide.
Pro Tech Orca III Mount Laminator- 62" Rollers, used for Encapsulation and Cold Mount, 220–240 V, Single Phase, 55 Amps
Serviced and Retained Parts from GBC
Pro Tech Falcon 36 Mounter Laminator- 42” Rollers used for Encapsulation and Cold Mount, 220-230 V, Single Phase, 30 Amps
Serviced and Retained Parts from GBC
Diamond Chase Squeegee Sharpener
Screen Squeegees
Diamond Chase Frames-14) 39”x 32”, 6) 26”x39”, 3) 39”x39”
Glass Washer
Ask for Details and Pictures of this Equipment Listed above, and we can send it to you in an E-mail

We now Sell NEW Pad Printers
SPC-84- is a small table top, One Color Pad Printer
SPC-814E-Comes mounted on the steel base cabinet, One Color Pad Printer
SPC-824SD- Two Color Pad Printer----Many other Two Color Pad Printers Available
Also Available in 4 Color, 5 Color, and 6 Color
We Sell NEW Cylinder Printers
Model S-300S Cylindrical Screen Printer
Model S-450S Cylindrical Screen Printer

AWT Flatbed- Print Area 14 x 20- In Excellent Working Condition, Serviced weekly and once a year by professional techs. Don't know the age, In great cosmetic & working condition, probably weighs 600 lbs, Can be loaded into a van or small trailer- for pick up only, unless
buyer makes arrangements to have crated. Pictures Available, Located in CA....$3900.

Comec XP05 2 Color Pad Printer, Dryer, Exposure Unit, Plate Making Materials, Inks, 2 Ink Cups, 5 Pads- Located in GA
Photos Available ....$5500.00

Mimaki JV33-130- 54"Solvent Printer- 2007, It was a demo that was bought at a trade show 2 years ago. Located in NM

Graphtec FC8000 Plotter-2011-New, Never Hooked up, A remaining 2 year warranty that is fully transferable, Owner will deliver
the Plotter and help with set up as needed up to 200 miles. Pictures Available, Located in MN

Located in NJ, Pictures Available
3D Printers
2) AM-180 (American M&R )
1) Mini Bottle Printer (Harwell)
Vacuum Tables
1) 68"x 85"(Douthitt)
1) Poly Cop 50" x 60"- has new blanket
Flatbed Printers
1) M&M S912 1
1) Argon 30 x 40”
Hot Stamping Machine
Exposure Units
1) NuArc : 6KW
1) NuArc : 4KW
1) Olec 5KW (painted-new lamp)


Meistergram 700XL- Hoops 2 of each 2", 4", 6", 8", 10", Hoop 1 of 12" and Large Oval, Hooping Boards, Thread-Cotton 100's of Designs
We would deliver if close enough-within 50 miles. This has been Retrofitted with a Computer. All Danuals and Design Books.
The Pantograph does not work. The machine could be used for parts. Picture Available, Located in CA

Melco EMC 10 T - Single Head, 9 Needle- Complete Set Up. Currently being used now and is in great working condition. Includes a computer as well as the software, threads, needles, and everything else that you will need. Willing to train how to use the software as well as the machine and this is all included in the cost. Gone through completely, Nov 2010, by Melco technician- rubber rings, and everything
cleaned and new parts added. More photos and video of the machine running are available. Located in Nebraska, Pictures Available

Melco EMT 4 Head- Includes all Hoops and Cap Drivers, Located in CO, Picture Available

Melco 4 Head - with EDS 3 System W/digitizing Board, Located in WA, Picture Available

ZSK 6 Head- 2001, Perfect Shape, Located in WA, Pictures Available

Brother BAS-416A-Single Head, 9 Needle- 1997, 2 Wide Format Cap Hoops, 1 Cap Driver, 1 Cap Gage, Good Working Order Last Serviced 2010, Located in OR, Pictures Available

Brother 416A Single Head, 9 Needle- 1997, Just Serviced and Works Great, Does Hats--But needs the drivers, All other extras Include
Located in AL, Photos Available

2) Brothers 3 Head, 9 Needle- 1997, Model # is BAS-423A. Includes Flat Hoops/Hat Hoops, Thread, Software, Pictures Available
Located in OK ....$9000. each Extra Set of Hat Hoops, Hooper, Hat Stand, Backing......$1000.00 each
Brother 3 Head, 9 Needle- Model # BAS 423. 2 Sets of Cap Frames per Machine, 5 different Size Hoops per Machine, 7 yrs old Good Condition, Minor Repair (trimmer), Little Use, Pictures Available, Located in CA.... $10,500.
Brother BAS-423 3 Head 9 Needle -has widened sewing area (V 300mm x H 600mm) which will allow you to embroider
the smallest designs on a hat, shirt, or blanket - to much larger designs on jackets, luggage, or golf bags.
Does flats, tubular and caps. Hoops of all sizes, cap frames, threads, supplies, garments, and a lot more to also go with the machine.
Excellent quality. Head number one needs a few parts (priced it out with Tech, about $700 worth) but other than that. Located in TN
More Information and Pictures Available.... $8500.

Barudan NSME-ZN-12, 12 Head, 9 Needle- 24) 15mm Hoops, 24) 12mm Hoops, 12) Hat Frames, Located in ME, Pictures Available $14,000.
Tajima TMEF-615 15 Head, 6 Needle- MFG 5626-5, About a 1993, Comes with Hoops, 30 Hoops Size 15, 30 Hoops Size 21. Pictures Available
Located in NY....$3700.

6) SWF Quick Change Hat Drivers- brand new, Fit SWF compact 6H, measures 15.5 between bracket holes, Located in TN
Pictures Available

ApS-Ethos V8.00 Creative Writer Embroidery Software- with both disks, original case and green USB key. U.S. dealer is GS USA, Inc. (U.S. Corporate Headquarters) 5000 Austell-Powder

Corel X3 Graphics Suite, Smart Designer X3 program, Superfonts Vector art collection and binder- 2008, Located in NY, Picture Available

Location of Opportunity or Item

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