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Thornton Equipment April Textile List

Posted on Tue, 3 Apr 2012 at 14:07

Thornton Equipment Co.
Textile Equipment
David Thornton 413-536-2480
April Specials
E-mail us and we will send you out Our Graphic and Embroidery List

10 Color, 12 Station Automatic Textile Printer- Tuff Olympian- One Flash, Larger Print Area, Ready to Move Quickly, Video Available
Located IA...Only $6900.

Tuf Javelin, 2006, 6 Color, 8 Station- with 2 Flashbacks, Located in NC.... JUST REDUCED TO MOVE!! $9,000.

2) Chapperal 6 Color, 6 Station w/micro-Located in WI
1) Includes platens. All 6 Heads work
1) Includes platens. Comes with another carousel top (6 heads–only 5 work)

American Multiprinter- 6 Color,10 Station, 3 sets of pallets:10x28, 14x28 and 20x28, - Squeegees and Floodbars

Located Winnipeg, MB, Pictures Available

Precision Oval 6 Color- Fully Automatic, Requires NO AIR! (with Quartz Flash-needs work), Located NH, Pictures Available....$3900.

Precision Oval 8 Color- Does not require Air. 220 Volt, Running. Located in Bronx, NY Pays for itself in One Job.
Pictures Available.....$3900.

Hopkins 6 Color, 4 Station - with Micoregistration, Located in MA, Photos Available.... $3700.

Precision Mini Belt Printer- Can do up to 6 Colors @ 24" x 40"; 3 Colors at 48" x 40", 1990; Used sparingly over the last 5 years.
Overall unit dimensions are 35'2" length x 6'6" width. Includes: Newman roller frames, flood bars, squeegees
and some water-based ink. Located Winnipeg, MB, Pictures Available
Also Available: Die Cutter and all dies

Harco CD-2408 Conveyor Dryer- 8' x 24" Belt, 220 Single Phase, 5000 watt output with jet air & thermostatically controlled exhaust. Used little and is in great operating condition. Will deliver it to a 200 mile radius. Will fit in standard pickup or van.
It currently is operating and can be seen, Pictures Available, Located in PA...$1500.

Chapparel Electric Dryer- 36" Belt, 12' Conveyor Call for Photos, $3,000

Adelco TE Series Modular Infrared /Hot-Air Electric Textile Dryer- 20' long and 36" wide belt. It's a little over a year old, upgraded. The unique combination of long wave IR heat and re-circulating hot-air (convection) heat, make IR /Hot Air dryers ideal
for both plastisol and water-based inks. Belt Width 36" (90cm), In-Feed / Exit Length 40" (100cm), Oven Length 6' 6" (200cm)
Overall Length 13' (400cm), Killowatts (per 2 meter section) 18, Electrical Supply 208-220v, 3 Phase, Electrical Consumption
47 amps /phase, Pictures Available, Located in MA

TexAir 48" Dryer - 5 ‘ Infeed, 5' Outfeed,10’ Heating Chamber, Good Condition. Located in FL, Photos and Video Available

Manual 4 Color Hat Press – Can also be used as a T-shirt Press, Located in NY, Photos Available.... $650.

Xante Printer- Screen Writer 4 - 2003, Located in NY, Weights:15-20 lbs., Pictures Available

Universal 1500 Automatic Folding Machine- Located in MA, Pictures Available....$9000.

3) Folders- Located in PA, Pictures Available
2) Universal 1500
1) K700

Screen Systems Screen Washer- Eliminates Flammable Solvents, Eliminates Mess, Closed system-No more solvent and ink laden rags; Cleans a screen in 1-3 mins, Recycles Your Chemicals, Saves you time and money! Photos Available, Located in MA...$1900.

Old Style Micro Adjustments for a Hopkins Press- 6) Available, Clamps to the back of the print head. Off contact adjustment.
Style # 5258. Brand new, never used. List from Hopkins at $695/ea. Sale Price $395 each Photo Available. Located in WI

Agfa Accuset 1000 Imagesetter-Fully functional with all documents and books. Included is a PowerMac 7100 Rip-station with Mac-dongle for keyboard and mouse. Apple color plus 15 inch monitor. All cables and cartridges to handle 12 inch or 14 inch roll film or sheets. Viper software on the Rip. The machine was updated in 2004 and recalibrated in 2007.
Will palletize and load on truck, Pictures Available, Located in in MN

Kornit 932DS(Direct to Garment Printer)-2008, Single Pallet, high-speed direct to garment printer is a smart choice for those seeking higher production rates yet have a limited space and budget. Single Pallet Design powered by high-speed magnet linear drives, 14"x18” Print Area 6 High-performance Spectra® Nova 256/80 AAA Printheads, 1-Nozzle Integrated Pre-treatment System, Robust and User Friendly Control System with LCD Display, Manual Media Height Adjustment, Up To 25/Hr on Darks, 70/Hr on Whites (8.5"x11” Print)
Pictures Available, Located in MI

Heat Presses
Practix Mfg Heat Transfer, 16 x 20 OK-25-Air Operated with Dual Shuttle Platens, 220volt, Located in NYC, NY, Photos Available..$1800.
Geo Knight Heat Press Series Dual Shuttle Head Heat Press-2005, Model: 394-TS, 16 x 20, Located MA, Pictures Available

Roller Frames for Belt Printer- 273/4" x 433/4" OD, 241/2" x 403/4" ID, Photo Available, Located in MA..$30.00 each
Purchase 40 or more $25.00 each (Roughly 80 left)
Screen Frames -18 x 22 Frame size, all with mesh, all in good condition. Epoxy coated steel frames. Qty/Mesh Size- (344) 86 Mesh; (432) 110 Mesh; (436) 140 Mesh; (88) 150/175/200 Mesh (mix), Located in NH, Pictures Available 25 minimum order $5 each, Lower price for larger quanities.

Located in MI
WorkHorse 6 Color, 6 Station- With Micro-B-75227, All Arms Down
M&R Blue Max II 6 Color, 4 Station- Side Clamps
2) WorkHorse 230 Hot Flash- (Quartz)18 x 20, B-76039, B-76038 {1 Manual, 1 Auto Swingaway}

Located in MA
150 Roller Frames 23"x31"
10 Roller Frames 28"x31"
73 Manual Frames 23"x28"
Block Out Light Table
2) IR Rotary Compressors 1) IR Rotary Compressor--Ingersolrand-15hp Rotary Screw Compressor with a Chiller... $3500.
1) IR Rotary Compressor-- Ingersolrand-40hp Rotary Screw Compressor with a Chiller).... $6000.
Airtek Chiller
Zeks Chiller
All located in Massachusetts, Call for prices or make offer

Drying Racks, Located in NJ
Size: 52 x 80" 50 shelves Qty: 1
Size: 45 x 68" 50 Shelves Qty: 1

Located in NY, Photos Available
Jennings Manual 4 Color Hat Press – Can also be used as a T-shirt Press...$650.
Reclaiming Sink- 30" wide Black line
Never Used -25 Placement Screen Drying Rack-Holds screen sizes 20 x 20 and 23 x 31, Adjustable, Rolling Rack
Inline Athletic Numbering Screen Press- 2006, 2 Color Prints numbers sized from 2" to 10"...$3000.

Located in NY, Photos Available
Atlas 824 Sure Cure Electric Dryer (2ft x 8ft)
2 Storage Racks
Ink - Wilflex - (Plastisol) 40+ Gallons, Cleaning Chemicals (Environment Safe),Squeegees
Scrapers, Supplies (Tape, Adhesives)
Spot Cleaning Gun (New), WAS $9000. Now $8000.
Silk Screens-200 x 23x31in Aluminum (Victory Factory)
Screens sold separately at $15. a piece or $10. each for 100 or more.

Big Joe Walk Behind Electric/Hydralic Push Fork Lift- 2,500 lb. Lift Capacity @Max 75" Lift height, Located in CA, Pictures Available

4) 3M Case Sealers- Located in PA, Photos Available
2) Model #700 A
1) Model #77AKS
The three above are for Fixed Carton Packaging with 2" Heads top and bottom. Heads in good shape.
1) 3M 700R Randon Case Sealer- Excellent Condition


David Thornton
Thornton Equipment Co.
New and Used Screen Printing and Embroidery Equipment

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