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Tie a Red Bow on it and say Merry Christmas! Embroidery List

Posted on Mon, 3 Dec 2007 at 13:42

Thornton Equipment Embroidery List for December 2007
We can send pictures of about anything on our list.

Ask about our Textile, Pre-Press and Graphic Equipment List.

Check out our web site for equipment. thorntonequipment.comSewing Machines
Pfaff Sewing Machine- 900/51- 1988, S/N KI-438, ERZ# 0-1-0438-009/001, Excellent Condition, Straight and Zig Zag Sewing
Located in OH, Pictures Available.... $895.

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine- DDL-553- It is perfect for sewing on patches or labels on shirts. Also used for sewing on leather.
It has a foot pedal to operate it and is mounted on a table. Works Great. Located in Florida. Pictures Available.....$1000.


Happy HCD 1501- Single Head, 15 Needle, 2005, USB Capable, Gently Used, Just over 1 Million Stitches Sewn, Great Condition.
Included in package: Thread, Hoops, Backing, Tools, Manuals, Stitch and Sew Software. Recently checked in July.
Located North Carolina, Picture Available .... $10,500.

Happy 2 Head, 15 Needle- 2002, LCD Screen, Wide Caps/Tubes, Located in OH, Pictures Available ....$16,500.

Happy 16 Head, 8 Needle- 1996, Rotary Sensor Upgrade, Caps/Tubes, Spider Frames, Located in Ohio, Pictures Available....$21,500.

Happy 20 Head, 7 Needle- 1995, Caps/Tubes, Spider Frames, Located in Ohio, Pictures Available....$19,500.

SWF 1201 Single Head, 12 Needle- SWF/A-T1201- 1999/2000, Light Use. Has about 8 asst. hoops, 2 hat attachments, and the hat drive
mechanism small hand tools, thread, pre-wound bobbins, backing. Some New Boards. It has the larger base with work table attached.
Includes: Heavy Duty Adjustable Hooping Station for placement of the hoops on the shirts.
The machine was completely gone through at SWF prior to purchase. Pretty much everything you would need to start embroidery
without any additional investment. Some Dakota, and the large Dakota full color catalog which you can choose designs from.
The only additional investment would be investment would be voluntary, i.e., more thread selection, more variety of backing, etc.
Located in Florida, Pictures Available....$5500.
Features: Auto Color Change / Thread Break Sensors and Auto Trimmers.
(2) standard hat frames
(2) 6" round hoops
(2) 7" round hoops
(1) 12" square-ish hoop
(1) 16" square-ish hoop for jacket back size

SWF/B-T1501-Single Head, 15 Needle- 2004, The machine is excellent condition and includes various hoops, a cap attachment, thread, and other accessories.
Owner will also include the first 5 embroidery digitizings by email for free from our company. Located in Florida. Pictures Available.
A good website that contains the detailed information on the machine is: (the one at the bottom).....$10,000.

SWF 2 Head, 15 Needle- 2003, Comes with Cap driver and gauge, 4 wide cap frames 14.2 x 2.9 in, 4 semi wide cap frames 7 x 3.2 in, 4) 9 cm hoops
4) 15 cm hoops, 4) 12 cm hoops, 4) 18 cm hoops and 4) 439 mm x 350 mm hoops. Also has a tool kit, built in lamp into bridge construction
5 phase stepper motors thread sensor. Requires 110 single phase voltage. Can be seen running. Pictures Available, Located in WI

SWF 1506C- 6 Head, 15 Needle- 2005, It has been used less than 2000 hours. 1000 stitches per minute, Auto Color Change Automatic Thread Trimmer
Rotary Thread Break Detection, Sewing field: 400 x 450 mm (approx 16" x 18") Included items Embroidery Machine Hoops
Included items
Embroidery Machine Hoops Included:
(12) 60mm Shirt Front Hoops (2.4")
(12) 12cm Shirt Front Hoops (4.7")
(12) 15cm Shirt Front Hoops (5.9")
(12) 30cm x 30cm Jacket Back Hoops (11.8 x 11.8")
(12) 32cm x 44cm Jacket Back Hoops (12.6 x 17.3")
(1) Boarder Frame (used for patches, table cloths ETC.)
Machine also features SWF quick change cap driver system.
Quick Change Cap Kit Includes:6) cap drivers, 1) cap gauge 12) wide cap frames
Link to see machine online, this 2005 model listed does not have the LDC Monitor
Pictures Available, Located in Missouri....$27,500.

SWF East 1506C- 6 Head, 15 Needle- 2006, It will come with all the regular hoops listed: Border Frame -(45cm x 40cm or 17.7" x 15.7")
12 Jacket Back Hoops of Each Size --(30cm x 30 cm or 11.8" x 11.8"), 12 Cap Frames-Wide size = 36 cm x 7.4 cm (14.2 x 2.9")
48 Shirt Front Hoops-(12) 18 cm (7.1"), (12) 15 cm (5.9"), (12) 12 cm (4.7"), (12) 9 cm (3.5")
Includes: over 20 colors of thread (6 cones of each color) It was serviced earlier this year and is in great condition.
Link to see machine online, this 2006 model listed does not have the LDC Monitor, and No Quick Change Cap Driver–
need to change the whole frame out, but it doesn’t take too long.
Low Hours, Located in FL, Pictures Available....$28,000.

Brother BAS-423- 3 Head, 9 Needle- It is 11 years old, excellent shape. This machine ran on one shift only, and only
three days a week for the last 3 years. It was last serviced 1/07. Includes: 6- /12cm hoops 6- /30cm hoops, 6 Standard
Brother Cap frames, and also 6 Hooptech Cap frames, although the hoops are a bit beat. Located in Michigan, Pictures Available....$6500.

Barudan 2 Head, 9 Needle- 1996, It comes with 4) 430 x 300 blue hoops, 4) 290x300 blue hoops, 4) 15cm hoops 2} white, 2} gray
2) 18cm white hoops, 4) 12 cm white hoops (one missing outer ring), 4) cap frames, 2) drivers, 1) cap hooper station, manuals, tools box (few tools).
Machine maintenanced by Tech in February 2007. Located in Conn., Pictures Available

Melco EP1 Single Head, Single Needle- 1995, with many extras and all the supplies will be sent. Instruction Manuals are Included.
Comes with EDSlll Software. All the Hoops and the Hardware that came with the machine is included, Located in Ohio, Picture Available.... $2400.
Includes: 2) 5x9 wooden hoops, 2 hoop it all frames for caps or flat stock, 6 d hoops, key board, cpu, softwear edslll, no monitor-too expensive to ship.
All the manuals, supplies and tools that came with the machine--are sold with the machine.

Melco EP1s- From good to excellent condition. Variety of hoops stabilizers included. Comes with manual and support. Single needle 9.5" sewing field.
Easy to learn and operate. The Premier is listed separately -but can be added to package if you wish.

Melco EMC1- very low hours (906) Well Maintained, Excellent Condition. Comes with a wide variety of hoops, from 1.5" to large jacket back and
Tubular Adaptor to enable tubular stitching. Cap driver and frames included. Instruction and parts manuals included.

Melco EM1- Works fine. Wide variety of hoops included. Comes with manual.

Melco EP1B- Brand New, Still in box! 0 hours! Single needle machine. Easy to learn and operate. Comes with manuals and variety of hoops.

Melco EMT 10T Single Head, 10 Needle- 2001, with original EDS IV Extreme Software & Computer, Upgraded last year to Design Shop Pro
which includes Digitizing Software/Manual, and 75 additional Alphabets. Located in Michigan, has only been used part-time. In great condition.
Well Maintained, with last professional maintainance done just one year ago by Tristate Services, Pictures Available.... $11,500.
Includes: Threads, Bobbins Needles, Scissors, Backings, Wall Unit for the Backing Spools.
16 x 11
14 x 11
2-8" round
2-7" round
2-5.5" round
2-4.3" round
2-3.5" round
All-In-One hooper
Pentium Computer & 17" monitor
Hub, Ethernet, Port, Cables
Hat Frames
Instructional Video
Dakota Collectibles: Over 16,000 Designs
Design Shop Pro Software

2) Melco Amayas Single Head, 16 Needle- 1-Dongle Setup which Includes Design Shop, also comes w/misc hoops & misc threads
backing and much more. Includes all of 2005 Dakota Collectable Designs. Located in Rhode Island, Picture Available
2-years old.... $11,500.00 Selling the 2 machines together. These embroidery machines work off a dongle.
You can add as many machines as you would like.

Melco 4 Head, 10 Needle- Tubular with Trimmers, 2002, Low running hours logged. Some thread and accessories. No cap driver etc.
Some backing and probably 36 bobbins of threads. Located in North Carolina, Pictures Available.... $11,500.

Melco EMT-10/6T-6 Head, 10 Needle- 2000, Comes with Freestanding Computer System, Hoops, Cap Drivers, Located in Georgia, Pictures Available....$18,500.

Tajima TMEX-C901 Single Head, 9 Needle - MFG 01588,1999-2000, Comes with 2 Size 15 Hoops, 2 Size 335X453 Hoops, 1 Cap Frame
Tajima DG/ML By Pulse Version 9.1 REV S, Even if you have Software for Punching Having an Extra Key can be helpful, Pictures Available
Includes: Boxes of Thread easily worth $ 1000. All Different Colors- Robinson, Anton, Madiera, etc. Located in NY....$6750.

Tajima Single Head, 12 Needle- TMEX-C1201- 1999 complete with hoops and hat frames numerous extra threads of various colors.
Pulse Software updated 2004 and a complete Dakota Collectable 2004. Used more as a hobby than production machine, so the operation
of the machine has been limited. Everything is in good working order, Located in MI .... $11,000.

Tajima TEHX-C1501-Single Head, 15 Needle- 2005, Great Condition. Well Maintained. Very Low Usage.
Pulse Maestro Digitizing Software Version 11 with Vector Package,All Instruction, Maintenance Manuals and Books Included.
Digitizing lessons, lettering lessons, and embroidery training on CDs. CD of Stock Designs.
Round Hoops: 7” (1), 12” (2), 15” (2), 18” (2). Square/Rectangular Hoops: 12” x 12” (2) and 17” x 15” (2). Hat Hooping Equipment with 2 Hat Hoops
Hoopmaster for Shirts, Many thread cones, backing and other supplies, Maintenance tools and supplies, Photo Available, Located in CO....$15,500.

Tajima TME 12 Head, 9 Needle- 1996, (one owner), Excellent Condition, Hoops, Located in Georgia. Buyer would need a truck that could accomodate
about 15 ft. of space. Pictures Available....$23,000

Tajima TMEF-615 15 Head, 6 Needle- MFG 5626-5, About a 1993, Comeswith Hoops, 30 Hoops Size 15, 30 Hoops Size 21, Pictures Available
Sold with (or Sold Separately): TFD II Diskreader- Comes with 25' Cable at Connect to Machine, Located in NY.... Without Software.... $5400.
With Software....$5900.

ZSK 2 Head, 11 Needle- 1998, Model J-02-11, Auto Trimmers, 2 plastic size 12 square frames, 4 wood circle frames size 15, 4 wood Border Frames 17" X 16.5" Includes: Manual and Computer(no digitizing software), Includes: 3 15 cm hoops (Wood) and 2 12cm hoops (Plastic) 2 Wide field full back hoops (Wood)
Can be seen and running. Just Serviced, Located in WI, Picture Available....$12,500.

ZSK 6 Head, 11 Needle- 1998, Model J-06-11, Auto Trimmers, 14 plastic size 12 square frames, 10 wood circle frames size 15
10 wood Border Frames 15.5” X 11.5”, Includes: Manual and Computer (no digitizing software), Can be seen and running.
Just Serviced, Located in WI, Picture Available....$20,000.

ZSK – 220/20/240- 20 Head, 7 Needle- 1993, ZSK Multi-Sticktronic 220 E, 240 mm between embroidery head, Maximum Embroidery Field
240 x 300/500/700/900 mm, Border Frame 4800 x 300/500/700/900 mm, Embroidery Speed/min up to 750 stitches, Automatic Thread Trimmers
Includes-Hoops in many sizes with rapid clamping system, MSCM control unit (Disk reader), Includes-Software- Reads most formats
Pictures Available, Located in OK....$10,500. Make an Offer!

Ask About : Our Refurbished Embroidery Machines. They come with 90 days warranty on motors and boards.
Let us know what brand you are looking for and we will see if any are available.

Miscellaneous Embroidery Supplies
12) Cap Frames- Like New. They fit older Tajima, Brother, Melco and Toyota machines.
The EMS/HOOP TECH cap frames remain the industry standard for quality cap embroidery. They are built tough to stand up to day to day production use.
The heavy gage stainless steel construction will give you years of service. This cap frame design allows for variation in cap size shape and material.
Great Site to see them: the original Blue EMS/HOOP TECH Cap Frames. Link:
Located in Washington, Pictures Available.

Cap Frames- Hoop Tech cap frame. Black model. Brand new.
Hoop Tech cap frame. Blue model.

Brand New Thread- 5500 yard cones
ARC, Crown or Polysoft, polyester or rayon. 10 cone package (10 colors)

Hoops- Brand New EP1 Hoops- Large Wooden oval, Large Metal rectangle

Melco Premier- Excellent condition. Comes with system disk and manual. Great disk reader for older Melco machines, but also useful for easy keyboard lettering

Hooping Aid Boards (Aliner)- Used lighted hooping board to ensure straight hooping of shirts or jackets.
Works for either front or backs.

P&F Frame Press- Automatic Hooper- All Barudan Frame Heads. 290x330, 15cm,12cm, 9 cm.?? The left chest size(s) are awesome.
The P&F Frame Press is tops for quick and accurate alignment. Rejects are greatly reduced, and you will see an immediate increase in productivity.
Located in VT, Pictures Available..... $2000. Weight is estimated at 300 lbs. when crated. Crate would run $100.
The customer can find additional information at -there is a great video to watch.
Includes: 290x300 bridge head, with base and second base for jacket backs, table top extension. OEM
15 cm blue hoop, with base. OEM (2 additional bases are aftermarket bases, different sizes)
12cm blue with aluminum base cylinder arm OEM.
12 cm white, face plate only. This uses metal portion from 15 head. Has aftermarket base.
Aftermarket parts were engineered and fabricated by a local cnc company that makes heart catheters
and other extremely sophisticated medical items.
Most aftermarket parts are made from thick Lexan and aluminum.

Location of Opportunity or Item

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