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Posted on Thu, 13 Oct 2011 at 11:06

A. Vastex is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of manual Textile Printing Presses.
B. Vastex offers superior engineering when compared to other manual printing presses and dryers.
C. Vastex offers a 25 year warranty on their HD Printing Presses...Best Warranty in the Industry.
D. Vastex equipment holds its value better than any other manual textile equipment. . . think resale value.
E. Simply put, Vastex offers the best value in manual textile printing equipment. . . .AND
F. Internet Screen Supplies offers the best SERVICE, KNOWLEDGE and PRICE on VASTEX EQUIPMENT. Leasing Plans are available.

We will furnish a quotation on any pieces of Vastex Equipment

Photo: Vastex, V-1000 6 Color - 4 Station Textile Printer
Price: $2,192.00 - Full Micro Registration.

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