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We Sell New Equipment

Posted on Wed, 2 Mar 2011 at 17:44

We Sell New Equipment
We Represent New Equipment: Vastex, Numbering Machine, Pad and Cylinder Printers
We can send you information and photos -if pictures, information and prices are needed of any of this equipment, please e-mail us.
The Ultimate Numbering Machine-It's capable of printing a three-digit number, and can print from one- to three-color numbers
Vastex- Printers/Flash Cure Units/Exposure Units/Dryers/Washout Sinks and more
Pad Printers- SPC-84- is a small table top, One Color Pad Printer
SPC-814E-Comes mounted on the steel base cabinet, One Color Pad Printer
SPC-824SD- Two Color Pad Printer
And More Pad Printers to choose from. Ask us for Information.
Cylinder Printers Model S-300S Cylindrical Screen Printer, Model S-450S Cylindrical Screen Printer
And More Cylinder Printers to choice from. Ask us for Information.

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