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We Sell New Numbering Systems

Posted on Sat, 7 Mar 2009 at 12:54

Thornton Equipment Co.
David Thornton-owner
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Having Problems Screening Athletic Numbers?
The Best Numbering System Ever!
It is fastest and simplest ways of athletic printing and put them into one machine. You can set up your next job in five seconds and with ease, No matter what material you’re printing (Nylon jackets, double ply shorts, double ply football
shirts, T-shirts, hats). You can print your logo and a number without taking the garment off your pallet.
It also saves you production time by eliminating multiple setups and prints.

This numbering machine is small, will fit on most rotary textile presses and doesn't take up [additional] space in a shop,
he says. The Ultimate numbering machine can print all font styles in 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch numbers. It's capable
of printing a three-digit number, and can print from one- to three-color numbers.
Please, E-mail us for Information, Photos, and Video
We will e-mail you back a link with a nine minute video to watch.

[u]What Customers are Saying about The Ultimate Numbering Machine[/u]
This is an interesting product. Regards, Bill Cranz

I saw it at the Long Beach Show a couple of weeks ago. It looks really good. Got my attention. Action Engeering

Please send me information on this new product "The Ultimate". I would like to see photos and some video on how simple you make it sound. Chris Silva

Hi I'd love to see a video. Keith Goudreau

Please send me a video. I have been looking at purchasing one and if this is what I am looking for I will buy it. Thank you and good timing. Marty

Would like to see pics of this great numbering machine. We do a boatload of athletic numbering and might be in the need for another machine. Mark

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