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What Is Shopping Cart Software?

Posted on Tue, 3 Jul 2012 at 2:00

In case you have a business website or if you are engaged in e-commerce, you might need to have a shopping cart software. In an online business, especially in online stores, this software is the one that assists customers when making purchases. Its main function is to act like a shopping basket. While customers browse an online store for the things that they will buy, this program will collect and store the information of all the items they will pick and buy later. Moreover, that shopping cart will compute the customers the total cost of the items, including its shipping and handling costs and any applicable tax.
Brief History
This type of software was developed in the early years of e-commerce. Around the early nineties, web shops have become possible. During that time, there is no definite way to implement shopping online. Because of that, various models were created to accommodate customers in buying online goods. Hence, shopping cart programs were developed and used.
Two Types of Shopping Cart Software
People who might want to create their own e-commerce site can choose between the two different types of shopping carts. Ideally, both of the two types are available for everybody. However, learning the simple advantages of the two types can be advantageous; this is especially true in certain situations.
Hosted Service
This kind of shopping cart comes as an additional service in some web-hosting providers. The customers will not need to download and upload any additional files for this to work, and there will be no need for any manual configurations. Templates are readily available for the customers to pick, for them to change its look and feel according to their preferences. On the other hand, customers must pay for this additional service at certain intervals. The payment interval can be either monthly or yearly. In some other webhosting company, they will take some percentage from their customers’ sales in addition to the monthly or yearly charge. For those who are not that technically savvy, this type of cart software is recommended.
Licensed Software
With this type of shopping cart application, people will need to download and install it to their e-commerce website. Usually, a one-time fee must be paid first to download licensed shopping cart programs. Once online merchants pay the one-time fee, they will be able to use it to any website that they have. However, some of this type of programs can be obtained and uploaded free. In addition, this type of shopping cart’s code can be edited and customized. That being said, this is more recommended for advanced users or online businesspersons that have a penchant in learning web development.
The things written above are the things you must learn about shopping cart software. Preferably, all e-commerce websites should own and install one. Most online customers are already accustomed to the software’s system. Using a different methodology in replacement of this application might only produce confusion for the customers. In addition, online merchants should wisely choose between the two types of shopping cart software; this is for them to reap this program’s maximum benefits.

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