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When Snow is Falling, it's Time to get Ready for Spring!

Posted on Thu, 22 Jan 2009 at 11:11

Thornton Equipment Co.
Textile-Embroidery & Graphic Equipment 1/09
David Thornton-owner
Web Site:

Financing Available
ACG Equipment Finance
Chris Pfriem
800-830-0084 ext. 204
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Specials of the Month
Brown Numbering Machine- Number Package #2NP-611P
Number... 6’ Machine, NPQ-1218...Split Flash...Automatic, IP-06...Index...Name drop, 1 set... 2 Color Screens... Athletic Block
Also Included the screens for 6" numbers, Located in Tenn....$4500.

Cincinnati Multidry H20 48-10 Electric Single Phase Dryer -1996, 48" Teflon Mesh Belt (Footprint: 64" W x 19' long) 6' Conveyor
10' Heat Section, 3' Delivery Conveyor, 25 KW Heat Source, (2) 3/4 HP 8" Intake Blowers, (2) 3/4 HP/8" Exhaust Blowers, 230V 3-76 amps, 70 dz/hr.
Located in West Virgina, Pictures Available....$2500.

M&R Challenger, 8 Color, 10 Station- All new valves, Completely Refurbished by M&R, Flash, Located in Wisconsin, Pictures Available....$10,900.

M & M Centurian Automatic Press model # 12-18*22-7HD,Very Clean, Great Condition. 1996/97 7 Print Heads and 12 Over-Sized Pallets measuring 18" X 25".
Touch Screen Computer which was installed 3 years ago. Comes with a Flash Dryer Unit which is on Castors and Can be moved around to any open head position.
Pictures Available, Located in Florida....$9900.

Inbro C-1201 Single Head, 12 Needle- with Auto Trimmers. Machine Includes: IB-1201 machine(Ser#DO20071), 110volt. The embroidery space is 520 (x) by 360 (y).
Inbro bows sizes 60,12,15,18 and 18"x15"(2 each),270 degree tubular cap system with 2 bows, manuals, IDS (Intelligent Digitized Software), extra needles, threads
backing, bobbins, etc. This machine has a full color screen that shows progress of embroidery and a internal hard drive capable of holding 200 designs or up to
2,000,000 stitches. It has a 3.5" floppy for transferring data from your computer to the machine. Located in NY, Picture Available, Video Available....$5500.

ZSK 2 Head, 11 Needle- 1998, Model J-02-11, Auto Trimmers, 2 plastic size 12 square frames, 4 wood circle frames size 15, 4 wood Border Frames 17" X 16.5" Includes: Manual and Computer(no digitizing software), Includes: 3 15 cm hoops (Wood) and 2 12cm hoops (Plastic) 2 Wide field full back hoops (Wood)
Can be seen running. Just Serviced, Located in WI, Picture Available....$7000.

ZSK 6 Head, 11 Needle- 1998, Model J-06-11, Auto Trimmers, 14 plastic size 12 square frames, 10 wood circle frames size 15
10 wood Border Frames 15.5” X 11.5”, Includes: Manual and Computer (no digitizing software), Can be seen running.
Just Serviced, Located in WI, Picture Available....$12000.

Textile Packages
Sold as Package in NJ
CAPS 4C 4S- Cap Printer, Micro-registration with CAPS Flash Cure Unit- on Mobile Stand
CAPS Conveyer Dryer- Cap Conveyer Dryer, 6.5', Must Sale Immediately, Taking Reasonable Offers, Photos Available

Sold as Package- Located in CO Package Price $26,900.
Inline 2 Color Numbering Machine- w/ screens for 2" - 12" #'s, 3 platons w/ hold down brackets and flash dryer, bought in 1996 - Maximum 1500hrs.
Great Shape, Like Brand New
Javalin 8 Color- 1996, 3 Flash Head Automatic Printer w/ all sleeve, pocket, youth and adult platons & squeegees. Good Condition
Chiller and Compressor goes with printer- 7.5hp. Champion Compressor -New in '06, Good Condition. Chiller New in 1996 w/ press, Good Condition.
Precision Gas Dryer- 6' x 22 ', Bought used in 1996. Previous owner: Nike Corp. 22yrs. old. Brand new main computer brain. Serviced in '07

Sold as Package in Texas- Package Price $4200.
National Press - 6 Platens, 1 Sleeve, and 1 Jacket Platen, with Flash, Also some Wooden Screens
Harco Dryer 4811- has New Controller and an Extra Controller
Also Available, Seperate from Pkg Price : Lawson Expo Lite- Good Shape the Blanket is in Nice Shape


Pre Press
Agfa Accuset 1000 Imagesetter- Fully functional, with all documents, books, PowerMac 7100 RIP station with Mac dongle, Apple color plus monitor, cables
cartridges to handle 12" or 14" roll film or sheets. Viper 3.02 software on Rip. There is a hinge on the cover broken but does not interfere with functionality-
this is shown in one of the pictures. Pictures Available, Located in MN

Aspect Dry Image Setter- 1999, Used to output a computer image or composition at high resolution onto photographic paper or film.
Located in W. Virginia, Pictures Available.... $4300.

Linotype-Hell Quasar Imagesetter- 1995, The max. film size is 20.7 x 19.9 inches, Resolution 1270 dpi to 3387 dpi, Film roll widths from 11 inches to 20.9 inches
Dimensions: Width 47.2 " Height 43.3" Depth 29.5", Comes With Multline 120 Jeson Rapid Access Processor, Pictures Available, Located in Missouri....$5500.
TYPE: 4570, DAU-NRO 4905059, 100-240V 50-60HR, D 24107 KIEL. It is in Great Shape the only real problem is the rip. Clean, One Owner, Ready to Sell!

Tektronix Color Laser Printer -Model Phaser 780, Serial Number J108359, Excellent Condition, 3 to 4 years old, ALL NEW cartridges throughout printer.
Located New York, Photos Available, Pick up would be preferred if possible.
Xerox purchased Tektronix so the Xerox Phaser 780 is a similar Color Laser Printer. The printer is Network ready, has been tested, and operates like new.
This printer is still supported by Xerox
An overview of the color printer can be seen at
Also Available-Canon BLP 460PS (same as a HP450& HP4550)

Folder/Bagger/Sealers Available
Nedco EZ Fold 1000 w/ Bagger/Sealer- Located in MD, Picture Available....$13,000.
Universal 1500 Folder Only, Picture Available.... $ 9,000

Cincinnati One Man Screenprinting Table- 8' Wide, 7' Deep, and 5' Tall, The Printer surface (w/suction) 60" x 90"
with 2 very large screens and 8 smaller screens that are part of a custom registration system, Pictures Available, Located in FL

T-Jet2 (Direct-To-Garment Printer), with Epson Stylus Photo 2200- 2 years (Only used for approx. 6 mo. hasn't been used in over 1 yr.)
Includes: shirt boards/hat frame/ bulk system/ink, cleaning solution, pre-treatment, Pictures Available, Located in AZ

TJet Blazer (Direct-To -Garment Printer)- 2007, Used Sparingly, Brand New Print Heads Installed,
Used for no more than printing (500) shirts. In great/as new condition. Pictures Available, Located in CT
Great Site to see the T-Jet Blazer

Printa System 770 Series 6 Color 4 Station-
The system is like new and was purchased Nov 2006. Equipment was only used about 7 months, Pictures Available, Located in LA
• 2 exposure tables- one fits on station arm other full size (38“x 50”)
• Additional Curing Unit with stand
• Training Video
• Washout Chemicals
• Various Inks and assorted size Squeegees and spatulas
• American Atlas Full Size Curing Oven- 10ft with new conveyor motor completely refurbished
• All the supplies to make shirts, inks, chemicals
• Assorted Screens sizes and meshes
• 2 printers: Epson photo Stylus 1280 ink jet and HP Laser Printer 4L
• Computer Art work files and programs
• 2 Flash Cures
• Several different size platens
• Various chemicals

Harco 4 Color, 4 Station- w/ micro adjustments, 1996 Holds Registration. Could use new gas springs(struts). No Hat Attachments.
Located in MA, Pictures Available.... Need To Sell $1000. or $Best Offer

Hopkins Press 8 Color- with all micro heads, Located in NH, Pictures Available....$3800.

Precision 8 Color with the Precision Dynajet Gas Dryer- 1994, There is also a wind and unwind system to print rolls of fabric.
A couple of hundred aluminum screens comes with the printing line. Can be seen, but not seen running. Pictures Available, Located in Toronto, CN

M&R Challenger 8 Color, 10 Station- Includes 1 Flash, Has Air Screen Locks, Set of 16"x 22" Pallets, Squeegees, Floodbars, and Clamps.
Located in GA, Pictures Available....$8900.

M&R Gauntlet 8 Color, 10 Station- 1993, Needs some small repairs, Still a great machine, Located in MA....$12,900.

M&R 8 Color Sportsman - 2003, Servo Drive - Air Heads, 750,000 Prints, Air Screen, Flood Bar, and Squeegee Holders. Includes Flash Unit.
Serial #: 050351297S, Model #: SPRS161810082436A, Located in FL, Pictures Available.... $28,000.

M&R Challenger 14 Color, 16 Station- 1993, 2 Flashcures, 1 Set Pallets, Squeeges, Floodbars, Photos Available, Located in FL....$31,000.

(2) Precision Belt Printer- 6 Color, 40" Belt, Can be seen in Operation, Photos Available, Located in MA

Workhorse Dryer 2608- 26" Belt, 8' Long, 1 year old, Located in CT....$3250.

Hix Electric Dryer 4819- 48" Belt, Approx.10' heat, 4' infeed, 4' outfeed. IR heat with blowers top and bottom, Picture Available, Located in PA....$3800.

Lawson Pioneer Electric Dryer- 48" Belt, 23' Long, 9' In, 5' Out, 6 Heat Panels, Pictures Available, Located in MA.... Need to Sell $3900. or $Best Offer

Ray Paul Dryer- 6.5 x 23.5 the belt width is 48", Model Number- 48121B-4-4 IR, Serial Number- 37060403, Located in NY, Pictures Available....$2500.

American Gas Dryer- 48" Belt 10' Chamber 5' in 5' out, Located in NY, Pictures Available....$2900.

M&R Eliminator 48" Belt Dryer - 1990, 5' in/out with 10' of heat. Single Phase 220/240, Pictures Available, Located in FL....$4500.

M&R Eliminator 48" Belt Dryer- 1993, Length: 20' (end to end), Width: 77" (Widest Point), Infeed: 95" (With 47" extension), Outfeed 5', Belt width: 5'
Heat Chamber 10', Digital Temp Control, Weight: 6500lbs, Pictures Available, Located in TX

National Gas Dryer- 48" Belt, Pictures Available, Located in VT....$7900.

Elexon Jet Force Electric Dryer-10' of Heat. Can run on 5' or 10', Quartz Heating Elements- Fast up to temp, Can run Auto and Manual Press with it
Very Good Condition, Located in CT, Pictures Available....$4500.

Precision Gas Fired Dryer- Recently Refurbished 72" Belt, (4) 10' Sections of heat --Approx 60' Long, Photos Available, Located in MA....$Best Offer

Precision Vortex Dryer- 25 Ft. Long with a 48" Belt. It could use a new belt, however it works fine and we have had no problems with it.
The Model # is WAGF48-26/10-5043-3. 230 volt 3 phase, 60 cycle. Owner would pay freight if it was sold in New England area.
Located in NH. Photo Available....$4500.

Lawson Expo-Lite Auto Exposure Unit- with Compression Lid, Includes box of 24 or more bulbs, Pictures Available, Located in TX....$500.

Quartz Technogy Flash Unit- 2000 Model, Air Flow, Tool Free Installation and Height Adjustment, Requires 220 W/50A Circuit (Includes Plug), Foot Pedal Or Auto Operation, Includes Wheels fo Easy Moving, Works Great/On Off Operation Keeps Shop Cool, Located in OR, Picture Available.

Douthitt Light Table- 41 x 57, Located in NH, Pictures Available....$4000.

Automatic Cooldown- 110 V Plug Spray Head says"Binks" the Pressure Head says "Norgen- Good Condition, Located in New Jersey
Buyer would have to pick up with truck, can not be shipped out, Pictures Available....$Best Offer

Curtis 10 hp Rotary Screw Compressor- Like New, 480v 14 amp, Quiet Rotary Screw Motor, (used only about 250 hrs) Picture Available, Located in CA....$3400.

Balloon Screen Printer- 6 Head Latex Balloon Printer, Hardly Any Use, Like New, Pictures Available, Located in NJ....$2900.

Drying Rack- 27" x 36", Located in MA, Pictures Available

2) Industrial Aluminum Frames- 54" x 80" OD, 1.25" x 2.5" x .125" bar with supertex, 5967; mesh is #230 colored fabric w 1x61/62 L 2 at 87"
Owner will help with shipping costs, (1 of these screens was used once) Located in TX, Picture Available
1) Industrial Aluminum Frame- 49" x 73" OD, 1.25" x 2.5" x .125" bar with supertex, (used once), Located in TX, Picture Available
Owner will help with shipping costs
Frames- Located in OH- Retensionable Aluminum Screen Frames
1) 48'' X 32" .... $100.
1) 24" x 19" ..... $40.
1) 30" x 24" ..... $50.
Newman Roller Frames for Belt Printer- 28 x 42, and 28 x 48, Large Quantity Available
Photo Available, Located in MA....$30.00 each, Purchase 40 or more $25.00 each

M/M S912 with Micro Register- Table Size:16 x 20, Print Size:9 x 12, 115 Volts, Located in NJ, Photos Available...$1500.
Acromite 1620 (like Pony Press)- For Precision Register, Table Size:18 x 24, Print size: 14 x 20, 220 Volts, Located in NJ, Photos Available....$1750.
SPE Mega 22- Table Size:40 x 44, Print Size:22 x 30, 115 Volts, Needs 2 Screen Lock Bars, Located in NJ, Photos Available....$1500.
Fine Line Megane- Table Size:43 x 54 Print Size:28 x 36, 220 Volts, Pneumatic or Mechanical Squeegeelizer Bars and Automatic Suction Type Sheet Take Off
Located in NJ....$6000.
Filbar Press- with a 22" x 30" embedded vacuum unit. 1988 Including solid state controls allowing for manual or automatic timed printing.
4 Metal Filbar Custom Coaters Included. Located in NY, Pictures Available....$1000.


Model 810 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer- Model 810-12, Graphic Printer that will print 8" x10" space on an object 12" thick. Located in TX.

Lectra Systems Equipment- comprizing pattern digitizing and size-up/size-down software: Lectra Systems printer-plotter unit, Type #ALYS 30
8 ft. wide on 5 ft. stand with wheels w/ALYS pilot operating software.
Printing width 72"max, 36" min, Paper roll dia 20cm max, Maintenance Kit.
Pattern digitizing Board w/keypad-mouse, 4.5 ft. high by 5.5 ft. wide on stand.
Lectra Systems Digitizing Marking Software Diamino.
Purchased in 2001 and maintained under Lectra annual maintenance contract thru April 2006. Located in PA, Picture Available....$10,000.

M&R Saturn Flat Bed Press- 25" x 38", Model SATFB-2538, Little Use, Very Clean, Can be Seen Running, Located in CA, Pictures Available....$4700.

Horizon Multi-Color Screen Printer- Automatic 5 Color, 8 Station Graphic Printer. 33x48" print beds. Equiped with exhausted Ultra Violet lamps after each of the
five print heads. Model # PS-25-4-T3, serial # 9512LO341.The press was one of the last Horizons built by American M&M in the mid 1980's(discontinued in '85).
The main control panel has vacuum,exhaust,lamp and print head controls, with individual controls on each lamp and head for easier setup. The yolks,chains, and bearings were replaced or refurbished in each print head, and the vacuum and exhaust motors have been recently rebuilt. Machine can be seen running by appointment. Pictures Available. Located in Florida....$30,000.

Printa 990 Pad Printing System- Silver Package Good Condition, Located in NJ, Picture Available....$2000.
990 Series Silver Pad or Cylindrical System Package
Configured as a pad printer, the Silver System allows you to pad print curved, flat and irregular shaped products. Print on a large range of products including
glass, metal, plastics, ceramics, acrylic and more. Or If configured for cylindrical screen printing you can print a wrapped image on products such as coffee mugs
and sport bottles.

Printa 990 Pad Printing System- 6 years old Platinum Package Includes: both the pad and cylindrical frames, exposure unit, frames, curing oven(dryer) pads mandrels for cylindrical printing, inks, thinners, retarders, etc… Prints on: Mugs, Golf Balls & Accessories, Writing Utensils, Sport Bottles, Wine Glasses Ceramics Glassware, Koozies, Swiss Army Knifes, Calculators, Key Tags, Desk Accessories And Much More! Located in FL....$3200.
990 Series Platinum Pad and Cylindrical System Package
A complete turn-key system, right out-of-the-box.
This system includes one 990 Series Pad Printer, the Cylindrical Screen Printer add-on and the 990 Series Curing Oven.
This truly completes the process and system for professional results.

Kent Alien 100 Closed Cup Pad Printer- 1997, Model #600 FS25, 110/220v, 50/60hz, Stand Alone Model
Located in Neveda, Pictures Available.... $2000.

2) Two Color Pad Printing Machine-PM-368D/S - 75x100mm, 100x100mm. Max. printing area : 50x75mm
Located in New York. Picture Available They are both 5 years old - Purchased New and in Excellent Condition.

Padflex 250C Base Machine- 2000, (Less than 2500 Impressions) Bench Top Mount w/XYR Tooling Table, One-up 90mm Ink Cup System
Autolight Jr. Exposure Unit(Burned less than 20 Plates) Polymer Plate Processing Kit, "LIKE NEW", Located in Wisconsin
Includes Extra Ink, Pads and Supplies, Original Purchase Price $14,000. Picture Available....$4000.

2) Fasco 642 Thermal Printers- w/ pc driven software, Comes with assortment rolls of thermal ribbons and tagstock
2-Sided Printers w/ stackers. Approx. 10-12 years old. One machines works great, the other needs some work.
Located in NY, Picture Available....$1500. each or Both for $2000.

American UV/IR Combo Dryer- Modular/UV Lamp, Belt 45" x 20', Presently Disassembled, Located in NJ, Pictures Available

2) Hydrolic Clickers- 1} Schwabe 1} Atom- Used for die cutting materials, Steel table and a platen on a swivel arm, Good Condition
About 10 years old, 3 Phase, Table and Platen Size:18" x 24", Located in Georgia .... $2000. each

Gigantagram Plotter- TX300, 36", 6 years old, Hardly Ever Used, Located in NJ

Ioline Plotter and Cutter with Stand- 24" Brand New, Never Used, Located in NJ

5) Seal O Matic High Frequency Heat Seal Machines- with 4 Station, 6' Rotary Turntables, Machine Model #400 FS25, 4kw 1 phase
220 40 amp, Turntable Camco 6' 4 Station Turntable Model #901RDM4H32-330, Appox.Year 1964
These Machines used for many industries they basically weld or mate two Vinyl materials together commonly used in
Book bindery, stationary, seams on water beds, Vinyl upholstery, Textile industry also to put logos embossed directly
onto vinyl. Located in Neveda, Pictures Available

Triumph Manual Paper Cutter 4700- 18-3/4" Triumph 4700 Manual Paper Cutter features all-metal heavy-duty construction, modern safety guards
a measuring scale on the front table, and a spindle-clamping system. This cutter is durable enough to handle just about any job.
Can be Seen Located in CA, Pictures Available

Excel 5000- Prints photographs on plates and other items, Located in NJ

Seal N' Shrink 1700 Shrink Wrap Machine- • Smoke-Free impulse sealing with self-compensation assures strong, tough seals with all film
• Unique space-saving, convection shrink tunnel outperforms old-fashion 220 volt bulky tunnels
• Designed for easy, do-it-yourself servicing...with no mysterious, costly circuitboards. • Maximum package size is 17" x 13" x 5".
Like New Condition, Photos Available, Located in NJ

Original US Army Dog Tag Machine- Perfect Condition, Located in NJ, Pictures Available, Must be Picked Up

6) Multi-purpose Drying Racks- The measurements are as follows, For the whole unit: 64” high, 51” wide, 38“ deep--92” high with shelves up.
For the rack drying space: 47 ½” length, 31 ½” deep, There are 20 shelves on each unit. Located in Utah. Pictures Available

Sewing Machines
Pfaff Sewing Machine- 900/51- 1988, S/N KI-438, ERZ# 0-1-0438-009/001, Excellent Condition, Straight and Zig Zag Sewing
Located in OH, Pictures Available.... $695.

Juki Industrial Sewing Machine- DDL-553- It is perfect for sewing on patches or labels on shirts. Also used for sewing on leather.
It has a foot pedal to operate it and is mounted on a table. Works Great. Located in Florida. Pictures Available.....$1000.

Knitting Machine
Passap 6000 Knitting Machine - Never Used, Pictures Available, Located in NJ


Prodigi 6 Head, 12 Needle- 2006, very few hours well maintained it's an 06 that was used as a display model, Comes with 4 sets of different size hoops
as well as the cap set. Locatd in MA, Photos Available

Ricoma 6 Head, 12 Needle- Little Use, Good Condition, 4 hoop sizes (12 each), 2 over size hoop and 12 cap frames and of course 6 cap drivers
Pictures Available, Located in OK

Happy HCM 720 - 20 Head 7 Needle - 1995 Tubular Arm Machine - No Cap Frames - 12 cm & 15 cm Hoops - Machine recently overhauled by Happy Tech.
Single Phase or 3 Phase Electric 220 v power - Includes Rotary, Thread Break Sensors, Pictures Available, Located in FL....$7900.

SWF/B-T1501-Single Head, 15 Needle- 2004, The machine is excellent condition and includes various hoops, a cap attachment, thread, and other accessories.
Owner will also include the first 5 embroidery digitizings by email for free from our company. Located in Florida. Pictures Available.
A good website that contains the detailed information on the machine is: (the one at the bottom)....$9000.

SWF 1501-SWF/B-T1501- 2006, Take Over Lease, Located in NJ, We will put you directly in touch with owner, send us your contact information.

SWF 1506C- 6 Head, 15 Needle- 2005, It has been used less than 2000 hours. 1000 stitches per minute, Auto Color Change Automatic Thread Trimmer
Rotary Thread Break Detection, Sewing field: 400 x 450 mm (approx 16" x 18") Included items Embroidery Machine Hoops
Included items
Embroidery Machine Hoops Included:
(12) 60mm Shirt Front Hoops (2.4")
(12) 12cm Shirt Front Hoops (4.7")
(12) 15cm Shirt Front Hoops (5.9")
(12) 30cm x 30cm Jacket Back Hoops (11.8 x 11.8")
(12) 32cm x 44cm Jacket Back Hoops (12.6 x 17.3")
(1) Boarder Frame (used for patches, table cloths ETC.)
Machine also features SWF quick change cap driver system.
Quick Change Cap Kit Includes:6) cap drivers, 1) cap gauge 12) wide cap frames
Link to see machine online, this 2005 model listed does not have the LDC Monitor
Pictures Available, Located in Missouri....$25,000.

Melco EP1 Single Head, Single Needle- 1995, with many extras and all the supplies will be sent. Instruction Manuals are Included.
Comes with EDSlll Software. All the Hoops and the Hardware that came with the machine is included, Located in Ohio, Picture Available.... $2100. or $BO
Includes: 2) 5x9 wooden hoops, 2 hoop it all frames for caps or flat stock, 6 d hoops, key board, cpu, softwear edslll, no monitor-too expensive to ship.
All the manuals, supplies and tools that came with the machine--are sold with the machine.

Melco EMC 6/4T 4 Head, 6 Needle- Comes with 14) 17x12, 8) 13.5 x 9, 11) 8in circle, 10) 5in circle and 2) 3" circle. 10) Hat Frames that are missing some parts.
4 Hat Attachment Assembles. Manual, but No Software. No Diskreader. Located in MI, Pictures Available, Delivery can be arranged....$BO

Tajima TMEX C901-Single Head, 9 Needle- 1996, Serviced by Tajima/ Hirsch, Lightly used - Primarily for Names and Numbers- Team Sports, Very Good Condition Two Sets of Four different Size Hoops, Cap Frames, Cap Driver- Does not have cap frames, Very Good Condition, Located in CT, Pictures Available.... $4500.

Tajima TMEX-C1501, Single Head,15 Needle- 1999, Automatic Color Change, Thread Trimmer, Wide Cap/Tublar System/Flat Table, 3.5 Disk Drive.
Pictures Available, Located in WI
2) 15 cm Hoops
2) 18 cm Hoops
2) 30 x 30 Dbl Height wood
2) 270 degree wide cap frames
1) Cap Hooping Gauge
1) Tajima Tool Box

Tajima TFHX-IIC1504, 4 Head, 15 Needle- 2002, Automatic Color Change, Thread Trimmer, Wide Cap/Tublar System/Flat Table, 3.5 Disk Drive
Pictures Available, Located in WI
8) 12 cm Hoops
8) 15 cm Hoops
8) 18 cm Hoops
8) 30 x 30 Dbl Height plastic Hoops
8) 270 degree wide cap frames
8) 17.7 x 16.5 Dbl Height tubular hoops
1) Cap Hooping Gauge
1) Tajima Tool Box

Tajima TME-HC 912-12 Head, 9 Needle- 1990, Hat Frame and Hoops, Flat Frame- Does not come with tubular frame. Excellent Condition
Serviced Every 3 Months, Easily accessed in large open warehouse, can be easily crated and loaded. Located in Utah, Photos Available....$9000.

Tajima TME-DC 912- 12 Head, 9 Needle- 1996, Excellent Condition. Bought new and only used it only 3 months out of the year.
Comes with full set of hoops, cap attachment, manuels, cover, and service records. Located in Washington, Picture Available....$21,500.

Tajima TME DC 912- 12 Head, 9 Needle- 1993, s/n # 12181-1 A, 220 V 3 PH, Updated Software, Picture Available, Located in CN....$28,000.

Tajima TMEF-615 15 Head, 6 Needle- MFG 5626-5, About a 1993, Comeswith Hoops, 30 Hoops Size 15, 30 Hoops Size 21, Pictures Available.
Located in NY....$3700.

Barudan 6 Head BE-NYME-2N-A06- 1998, Located in NH, Pictures Available

Barudan BENSME-YN-12 12 Head, 9 Needle- 1995, Includes 9 and 12 cm Hoops, Back Hoops, Hat Hoops amd Drivers Pictures Available.
Located in MA....$11,900. Can be seen in operation.

Location of Opportunity or Item

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