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Winter Sale! All New Listings-Thornton Equipment Co.

Posted on Wed, 10 Feb 2010 at 16:10

Thornton Equipment Co.
All New Listings
Equipment Specials for February 2010

Airwaves 3000 is a 16" x 20" Heat Transfer- 5 years old, but only used for 8 hours. Manual machine designed with the oversize transfer in mind. Ready access accurate pressure adjustment to insure the best possible application. With cal-rod heat and precise thermostatic control, it's an ideal mid-range machine. Photos By E-mail
Features: Floating lower platen *Pressure adjustment knob * Electronic auto-reset timer, Located in VA $875

Heat Transfer, Practix Mng., 16" x 20" Air Operated with Dual Shuttle Platens, Located in NYC, NY $1800

Richmond Solarbeam- Model # 2737, with M&R tri-lock larger screen capacity, New Blanket, Phots Available
Located in VA $3,000
Richmond Solarbeam- Model # 3758, Fits screens up to 37"x58", Located in NY, Photos Available $3500

Nuarc Exposure Unit- msp3140, 5 years old, New Bulb, Needs Blanket, Located in GA, Photos Available

Automatic Flash Cure Unit for Javelin- Located in MA $1500

Antatol 10 Color, 12 Station Automatic- 2005, 350,000 impressions, 2 quartz flashes, 3 sets of pallets
and 2 sets squeegees and flood bars Located in GA, Sold for over $60,000 New SALE PRCE $25,000

5) M&R Gauntlets-2-6 Colors- Between1992-1994, Located in IL, Pictures Available E-mail

Hix Printer and Pallets- 6 Color, 4 Station, Adult, Youth, Sleeve pallets, holds Automatic 23"x31" Frames, Located in NY
Pictures Available by E-mail $2500

Lawson HD-MAX 6 Color, 4 Station- 2005, Micro registration, side arm screen clamps (not rear), 4) adult pallets
4) youth pallets, 4) double sleeve pallets, 1) sweat pant leg pallet, 5) platen brackets, 2) new side arms this month.
Also include or separately a Black FlashFlash Unit- Model BF2-2700S, 208v / 13.2 amp. Pictures Available, Located in MA

M&R Gauntlet Revolver-6 Color, 8 Station- 2005, with Quartz Flash, 1 Set of Pallets, Squeegess
and Floodbars, Located in CA, Owners will Pack it & Load on Truck at No Extra Charge, Photos Available by E-mail
Package Price $13,900

Tuf Javelin, 6 Color, 8 Station - 1992, with one set of Adult Pallets, Youth Pallets, and Flashback, Located in NY $8,900

M&R Gauntlet 8 Color- around a 1995, Inhead Flash, Located in GA, Photos Available $10,900

Hix Electric Dryer- 36" Belt, 10 ft. of Heat, 3' Infeed, 3' Outfeed, Located in NY, Pictures Available $3500

M&R Mini Sprint Gas Dryer- 38 " Belt, with 4' Infeed, 10' Heat, 4' Outfeed, Located in New England, E-mail us for Picture

Lawson Omega Electric Dryer- 2001, 48" Belt and is 12' Long. Single Phase, 4 Heating Units with Forced Hot Air- it can be
used to cure waterbased inks as well as plastisol inks, Good Condition. Company moving to a smaller locationand needs the space.
Pictures Available, Located in VT Price Just Reduced to $5,700

Texair 48" EEE Dryer- 3 phase, 90 amp, 2hp, 220 volt, 20' Overall Length, 72" at widest point, 10' Heat
The belt has tears in it that are repaired. There is also a tear in the first heating element, not sure if this effects opertion.
Located in MI, Loading Dock Available, Pictures Available

Precision Electric Dryer - 48" Belt, 12' Heat, 13' Infeed, 43" Outfeed, Located in GA Great dryer Bargain Price $2900

Ray Paul Gas Dryer- 48" Belt, 8' Gas Heat, 8' Infeed, 3' Outfeed, Completely Rebuilt by Interchange
Pictures Available, Located in MA $7500

Precision Gas Dryer 48" Belt, 5' Infeed, 10' Heat, 5' Outfeed, Located in GA, Photos Available $5500

National Gas Dryer- 60” with 5' Infeed, 8' Heat and 4' Outfeed, 1998, Crated up and ready to ship, Pictures Available $8000

American Gas Dryer - 60" Belt, 10' Heat, 5' Infeed, 5' Out, Located in NY $2500

Precision Gas Dryer- 72" Belt, 10' Heat, 5' Infeed, 5' Out, Located in NY, Pictures Available $5,000

Svecia Squeegee Sharpener- Used to sharpen squeegees for ultra-fine (100 line) four-color process screen printing.
It is automated. So it will run unattended for up to 99 passes at variable speed. By changing to a finer sanding belt the
squeegee rubber will make perfect, scratch-free printing. This is a must for any serious screen printer. It handles squeegees
up to 60" long. Or sharpen several at once. Pictures Available, Located in VA ..... Big Reduced Price $1800

2) Air Compressors and Chiller- Located in GA, Photos Available

Wash Out Sink w/ Backlit- Located in GA, Photos Available $250

Tajima 2 Head, 15 Needle, TMFX II C1502- 3 sets of Hoops, Cap Sash & Frames, Used Daily. Located in AL, Pictures Available

Barudan NSME-ZN-12, 12 Head, 9 Needle- 24) 15mm Hoops, 24) 12mm Hoops, 12) Hat Frames, Located in ME
Pictures Available Make Reasonable Offer

SWF 1506C- 6 Head, 15 Needle, 2005, Very Low Hours, 1000 stitches per minute, Auto Color Change Automatic Thread Trimmer
Rotary Thread Break Detection, Sewing field: 400 x 450 mm (approx 16" x 18") Included items Embroidery Machine Hoops
Full set of hoops, Quick change cap frames Price Just Reduced to $18,000

Brother Single Head, 9 Needle New in 2007, Sold for $13,000, Located in CO, Pictures Available

Yonthin 904 400, 4 Head, 9 Needle- 2007, Comes with 20 Hoops: five sizes of four hoops per size, Excellent Condition
Located in CA, $Best Offer

Do you have equipment to sell? We Can List Your Equipment!
Thornton Equipment is always looking for equipment to list on our Equipment List and Web Site.
Please e-mail us as much information as possible. The Type and Brand of the equipment.
Age/Year, Description. What is included with the machine? Condition of the equipment?
Is it in need of any repairs? How recently has it been serviced? Where are you located?
Can it be easily crated and loaded in a van or on a truck? Price you would like to get for the equipment.
Pictures are Very Important-Good Pictures Sells Equipment Faster. Your Contact Information is needed-
Company name, name, address and phone #. We will list your equipment and let you know when we
have an interested customer. So let us know what you have to sell.


We Sell New Equipment
We Represent New Equipment: Vastex, Screen Klean, Numbering Machine, Pad and Cylinder Printers
We can send you information and photos on-if pictures, information and prices are needed of any of this equipment, please e-mail us.
The Ultimate Numbering Machine-It's capable of printing a three-digit number, and can print from one- to three-color numbers
Vastex- Printers/Flash Cure Units/Exposure Units/Dryers
Screen Klean- Washout Booths/Recirculation System Booths/Water Filtration Units
Pad Printers- SPC-84- is a small table top, One Color Pad Printer
SPC-814E-Comes mounted on the steel base cabinet, One Color Pad Printer
SPC-824SD- Two Color Pad Printer
Cylinder Printers Model S-300S Cylindrical Screen Printer, Model S-450S Cylindrical Screen Printer

We have Leasing Available. We can set you up with one of our many leasing companies to fill out an application on-line or over the phone.
Payment: Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer (the quickest), or Pay Pal.

Thornton Equipment Co. has not seen or gone through any of this equipment. The equipment we list on our List and Web Site is privately owned. Equipment is sold "As is" unless otherwise stated in the description. The seller/owner gives us the details, description and condition of their equipment. We offer no warranties or guarantees that the equipment will work, need parts, need to be set up by a technician, etc. We try to give the customer as much information as possible on the equipment and send pictures. We very much recommend and encourage buyers to go see the equipment, they are about to purchase, whenever possible. Prices are somewhat negotiable. If you see a piece of equipment you are interested in, make an offer--we will ask the owners and see if they will accept it.

Location of Opportunity or Item

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