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Xmas in July and Mid-Summer Sale all Rolled into One List

Posted on Wed, 16 Jul 2008 at 19:44

Thornton Equipment Co.
Let us know what you are interested in -we can send out information and photos.

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David Thornton
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Sold Package - E-mail us for Information and Pictures
M&R Chameleon 4 Color, 4 Station
Lawson Expo-Lite Auto Exposure Unit, with Compression Lid
Enonomax II Conveyor Dryer- Belt width 24"

Sold as Package-$8900. Disassembled and in Storage, Located in Michigan
Antec Legend 8 Color 4 Station- very good condition with very little use. The press is about 6-7 years old according to Antec
Vastex EC 11 Dryer and Vastex Flash 18x24- a little newer
Workhorse 1000w Metal Halide Exposure Unit- good working condition
Plus: National Heat Press for Caps, Tension Meter, and Supplies Included

Sold as Package- Located in CO, Pictures Available
Inline 2 Color Numbering Machine- w/ screens for 2" - 12" #'s, 3 platons w/ hold down brackets and flash dryer, bought in 1996 - Maximum 1500hrs.
Great Shape, Like Brand New
Javalin 8 Color- 1996, 3 Flash Head Automatic Printer w/ all sleeve, pocket, youth and adult platons & squeegees. Good Condition
Chiller and Compressor goes with printer- 7.5hp. Champion Compressor -New in '06, Good Condition. Chiller New in 1996 w/ press, Good Condition.
Precision Gas Dryer- 6' x 22 ', Bought used in 1996. Previous owner: Nike Corp. 22yrs. old. Brand new main computer brain. Serviced in '07

Pre Press
Epson Vellum Printer, Wide Format, 2007, Includes Software and Ink, Model Styles Pro 48, Located in MA
Xante Screenwriter 3, Located in MD
Agfa Accuset 1000 Imagesetter, Located in MN
Aspect Dry Image Setter, Located in WV
Linotype-Hell Quasar Imagesetter- Comes With Multline 120 Jeson Rapid Access Processor, Located in Missouri
Tektronix Model Phaser 780 Laser Printer, Also Available-Canon BLP 460PS (same as a HP450& HP4550), Located in NY

Belt Printers-Can be seen in Operation
Belt Printer by Interchange, 4 years old, 10 Color, 50" Belt, Photos Available, Located in MA
Precision Belt Printe, 10 Color, 50" Belt, Photos Available, Located in MA
Precision Belt Printer, 10 Color, 50" Belt, Photos Available, Located in MA
Precision Belt Printer, 6 Color, 50" Belt, Photos Available, Located in MA


T-Jet2 (Direct-To-Garment Printer), Located in AZ
Brown Numbering Machine, Located in TN
Harco 4 Color, 4 Station, Located in MA
Hopkins International Manual Press, 6 C, 4 S, Located in CT
Hopkins 8 Color 4 Station, Located in MA
Workhorse Press 6 Color/ 6 Station, Located in CT
Brown Manufacturing MP666 6 Color, 6 Station- 2003, Located in VT
M & M Centurian Automatic Press
Anatol Horizon, Mini 4 Color, 6 Station, Can be upgraded to a 5 Color. Champion Compressor and Ace Purification Air Dryer. Located MD
Lawson Mini Trooper, 5 Color, 6 Station, with Slide Away Flash, with Compressor and Chiller, Set of Adult Pallets, Located in MA
M&R Gauntlet, 8 Color, 10 Station, 1991, Located in CA
M&R Challenger, 8 Color, 10 Station, Refurbished by M&R, Located in WI
Tas RA 14 Color, 16 Station, 2 Flashcures, 1 set Pallets, Squeeges, Floodbars, Located in NY
M&R Challenger 14 Color, 16 Station 1993, 2 Flashcures, 1 set Pallets, Squeeges, Floodbars, Located in FL
Precision 8 Color with the Precision Dynajet Gas Dryer, Located in Toronto, CN
Hix Dryer, 24" Belt, 14' Long, 3' In, 3' Out, 9' of Heat, Located in MA
Lawson Pioneer Electric Dryer, 48" Belt, 23' Long, 9' In, 5' Out, 6 Heat Panels, Located in MA
Cincinnati Multidry H20 48-10 Electric Single Phase Dryer, 1996, 48" Teflon Mesh Belt (Footprint: 64" W x 19' long) 6' Conveyor, 10' Heat Section, Located in WV
Elexon Jet Force Electric Dryer, 48" Wide Belt X 21' Long, 480 Volt 3 Phase 65 Amps, 10' of Heat. Can run on 5' or 10', located in CT
Precision Gas Fired Dryer, 10' Sections of Heat, Recently Refurbished 72" Belt, Located in MA
Ray Paul Dryer, 6.5 x 23.5 the belt width is 48", Model Number- 48121B-4-4 IR, Serial Number- 37060403, Located in NY
Precision Vortex Dryer, 25 Ft. Long with a 48" Belt. It could use a new belt, however it works fine and we have had no problems with it. Located in NH.
Automatic Cooldown, Located in NJ
Curtis 10 hp Rotary Screw Compressor, Located in CA
Stretching Table, used for stretching roller frames - 23 x 31 Frames, Located in FL
2) Industrial Aluminum Frames- 54" x 80" OD, 1.25" x 2.5" x .125"
1) Industrial Aluminum Frame- 49" x 73" OD, 1.25" x 2.5" x .125" bar with supertex, (used once)
Frames- 1) 48'' X 32" .... $100. 1) 24" x 19" ..... $40. 1) 30" x 24" ..... $50.
Newman Roller Frames for Belt Printer, 28 x 42, 28 x 48, Large Quantity Available, Located in MA
Nedco EZ Fold 1000 w/ Bagger/Sealer, Located in MD...$13,000.
Universal Folder with Pacemaker Bagger, Sealer- Located in Tenn....$7900.
Universal 1500 Folder Only, Picture Available....$ 9,000.
George Knight Maxi-Heat Press, 30" x 40", High Production Twin Shuttle Table Model, Located in MA
Balloon Screen Printer, 6 Head Latex Balloon Printer, Hardly Any Use, Like New, Located in NJ
Drying Rack, 27" x 36", Located in MA

Triumph Paper Cutter, Located in WI
Lectra Systems Equipment, comprizing pattern digitizing and size-up/size-down software: Lectra Systems printer-plotter unit, Located in PA
Trophy Master Engraving Machine by New Hermes, located in MD
Horizon Multi-Color Screen Printer, Located in FL
Printa 990 Pad Printing System, Located in FL
Kent Alien 100 Closed Cup Pad Printer, Located in NV
Padflex 250C Base Machine, Located in WI
Comec XP13 Pad Printer- 4 Color- 2004, Located in IN
2) Fasco 642 Thermal Printers, Located in NY
2) Hydrolic Clickers, 1} Schwabe 1} Atom, Located in GA
5) Seal O Matic High Frequency Heat Seal Machines, Located in NV
2) Robotic Stackers made by Silverman Machines, Located in NY
Gigantagram Plotter, TX300, 36", 6 years old, Hardly Ever Used, Located in NJ
Ioline Plotter with Stand, 24" Brand New, Never Used, Located in NJ
Original US Army Dog Tag Machine, Perfect Condition, Located in NJ, Must be Picked Up
Shrink Wrap Machine, Seal and Shrink, Model #1700, Like New Condition, Located in NJ


Inbro C-1201 Single Head, 12 Needle, with Auto Trimmers, IDS Digitizing Software, Located in NY
Prodigi 6 Head, 12 Needle, 2006, Located in MA
Happy HCD 1501- Single Head, 15 Needle, Located in NC
SWF/B-T1501 Single Head, 15 Needle, Located in FL
SWF 2 Head, 15 Needle, Located in WI
SWF 1506C 6 Head, 15 Needle, 2005, Located in Missouri
Melco EP1 Single Head, Single Needle, 1995, Located in OH
Melco EMC1
Melco EM1
Melco EP1B
Melco EMT 10T Single Head, 10 Needle, Located in MI
Tajima TMEX C901 Single Head, 9 Needle, Located in CT
Tajima Single Head, 12 Needle, Located in MI
Tajima Single Head, 15 Needle, Located in WI
Tajima TME-HC 912, 12 Head, 9 Needle-1990, Located in UT
Tajima TME-DC 912 12 Head, Needle, Located in WA
Tajima TME DC 912 12 Head, 9 Needle- 1993, Located in CN
Tajima TMEF-615 15 Head, 6 Needle, Located in NY
ZSK 2 Head, 11 Needle, Located in WI
ZSK 6 Head, 11 Needle, Located in WI
ZSK 220/20/240, 20 Head, 7 Needle- 1993, Located in OK
Sewing Machines
Pfaff Sewing Machine 900/51, 1988, Located in OH
Juki Industrial Sewing Machine DDL-553, 1999, Located in FL

Location of Opportunity or Item

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