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Cards Win and I'm Losing / need desperate help - NOW!!!

Posted on Sat, 23 Oct 2004 at 16:56

Please Help.
I have been screen printing for about a year. I have done multi colors wet on wet, very good results. I have always printed on white shirts, mostly for athletic events.

My problem is a local chamber of comerce has contracted for me to print 500 "Go Cards" shirts white on red. And, need them now.

I have a prepared a image on a 110 mesh count screen, am using Union Ink - Lo-Bleed Diamond White Ink on 50/50 Hanes heavyweight T. Supplier said this ink should cover one pass. NOT !

I am using a med. to stiff squeegee. Flood stroke then print stroke. One pass does not cover ! Two passes leaves a dull textured deposit and is constantly pulling the shirts. I have the off - contact set at what I ussually use. A old fashion yard stick thick, probably 1/16. I've tried adjusting this up and down to no luck.

I have mesh counts from 110 - 196.

I have wasted a dozen shirts and am no closer than before. I need help from a proffessional, because I'm ready to blow up my equiptment and move far far away.

Any advice would sure help. Please !

Thanks in advance,

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