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Posted on Fri, 11 Nov 2005 at 8:40

I often make transfers for my shirt printing jobs rather that directly screen printing, because I find they often come back with " ...oops, I need 2 more XXLs for my new employee. Having a stockpile of transfers allows me to press on these 2 shirts without problem.

Normally, pressing on the second side requires you to spread the shirt over the heat press platen so you do not damage the already-printed first side.

Since I do vinyl signs, I always have a lot of vinyl backing paper around, and I tried placing this paper on top of the foam pad on the heat press, placing the shirt on top of it so the back of the shirt was on the paper, and pressing the front of the shirt WITHOUT stretching it over the heat press platen and ......guess what!!!!!! It works great !!Since the shirt is not pulled and stretched, and it is actually facing you, not away from you, the task of getting the decal STRAIGHT is lots easier.

I tried this with teflon pads also but found that they will retaing BITS of the image and you either must wipe them off each time, or they will put blotches on the next shirt. The backing paper is ALWAYS clean and I have used ONE piece for up to 200 shirts.

Hope this helps some of you

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