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Need Help, Proper Graphics Configuration.

Posted on Sat, 1 Oct 2005 at 13:58

I have 3yrs experience in photoshop, and have a cutting edge idea for an apparel business, I think the world will be interested in. Sorry I can't say what it is at the moment, as it's being handled by intellectual property lawyers as we speak, but everyone at screen web will hear it first upon patent completion.

I'm looking for information on type of
manufacturer that fits this type of apparel construction. Needing info on all the in's and out's of configuring photoshop for all graphics to be compatable with manufactur
ing specifications, color settings/use pantone color profiles/use cmyk over rgb etc...
All garments are 100% cotton with 75% of
clothing line requiring cut and sew due to color bleeding or overlapping seams.

All graphic designs consist of bright gradiants, bevels, 3rd party filters with altered digital photographs all in high resolution.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Location of Opportunity or Item

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