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Printing across seams on jerseys

Posted on Fri, 4 Jun 2004 at 12:04

Hi, any help would be appreciated...Am printing on 50/50 baseball jerseys, between buttons, image approx 4" X 9". Standard "swoosh" name with sweeping tail. I built up the one side with 1/8 inch hardboard to try to level the print area after you cross the overlapping seam, between the buttons so they would not interfere. I am using 156 mesh @ 40 Ncm with wilflex genesis plastisol inks with some off contact (not as much as I would like but with the build-up on the platen, all I could get was 1/16" on the center of the shirt). Two passes resulted in too much build-up on the higher part of the shirt(center) and abviously drop off at the overlapping of the material as well as some of the seams. Tried to touch up those areas, but after curing it was not satisfactory, any suggestions out there? Thanks for your help!!!!!

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