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Posted on Sat, 28 Jan 2006 at 17:25

Please help?
I would like to know the proper way to set up blends in order for them to print properly on a garment. Myself and my fellow shirt artists have simple trapped one colour under another. This however tends to leave a harsh, drastic blend-it is not smooth. As what was happening today at the shop that I work at here in Kingston Jamaica.
The art itself is vector set up in Freehand MX.
There is a blend in the main heading "CARNIVAL"
The top part is Cyan while the bottom part is Magenta. In this case, I just brought the Cyan to where the 100% Magenta starts...the result was way to harsh. The printing was stopped so I could fix it but for the life of the results were still not right.
Please Help?

Thanx in advance to all you screen printing gurus.

One Love

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