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Printing on Polyester flags

Posted on Sat, 11 Sep 2004 at 14:49

I have a job printing on flags that have a rebel design on them. I ran a test or two and believe that they are 100% polyester. I mostly use Wilflex brand inks and have been testing the PolyWhite, problem is the viscosity is very high, basicially impossible to print. I place 2 junk shirts on my jacket hold-down platen and then place the flag on, flash to tighten it up, and then print, even then it sticks to the flag and doesn't leave a good hand. I am using a 110 mesh @ 45 Ncm and a 70 D squeegee. I don't have a problem with modifying most inks with curable reducer BUT the specs say not to use any modifications so that the ink with resist bleeding. Should I modify it anyways because I don't see how anyone can print with this ink? Thanks for any correspondence.-Doug

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