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Problems with Printing White ink on dark Garments STILL!!!

Posted on Mon, 16 Aug 2004 at 15:48

I am still pursuing the ability to print white ink on darker garments. This is always a problem for some reason. I am going to try a newman screen I just bought with a screen mesh of 110. Does anyone have any suggestions for ink? I have been using wilflex. I spoke with a supplier who said white ink is not "press ready" directly from the container, and I if bought his ink he would tell me to make it "press ready!" What does this mean? I have tried, softhand extender and a curable reducer. I can get acceptable results most of the time but not with consistency. Also I tend to lose that soft hand look. I am using a four color manual press and either a triple durometer squeegee or a constant force squeege. This job is white ink on red 50/50 t-shirts. I realyy need to conquer this white ink issue, it's driving me nuts!!!!!!!!! I appreciate any help or advice as usual.

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