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some advice please

Posted on Wed, 29 Sep 2004 at 13:14

Im a total beginner in screen printing and after searching the web for articles and advice i , confused about conflicting info..

1. what is the best mesh count for..a) standard spot colour work, bold solid letterinf and block colours...b) half tone work, gradual blending work ...and c)4 colour process work. - also as i am in the UK do you know mesh conversion to euro or uk measurements e.g what is a 150 USA mesh count in europe.

2. for over printing, how do you know when you are flashing and not curing? as i was told to make sure the shirts are not heated too much to overprint.

3. is speedball emultion good for profssional work?

4. is it dangerous to inhale plastisol ink?

sorry if the questions are a little stupid but any advice is most appr.


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