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Sweatshirt printing problem

Posted on Wed, 28 Jul 2004 at 21:08

Hello all,
Interested to hear if any one has any good tips regarding sweatshirt printing.
When printing poly/cotton fleece sweatshirts etc, a quantity of fluff will build up on the print board after five or six garments pass through, greatly limiting the stickiness of the spray adhesive and not allowing the next sweatshirt to stick firmly to the print board - I've found to best alleviate this is to quickly wipe off as much of the fluff as possible with hand or a rag after every 2 or 3 prints - also if the spot cure unit is brought over the blank print board every now & then the glue already there tends to reactivate a bit more & become tacky again.
This method works okay & avoids having to spray glue down too often but is a bit slow & monotonous - does anyone else have some better ideas?
Have also tried using stronger wipe on glue which doesn't really help & tends to create its own problems.


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