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Buy Burberry Online Two failed marriages. A lost baby. And a son she fears she put second to her career. In a painfully honest

Posted on Sun, 8 Jul 2012 at 21:52

But into every life a little rain must fall and Lulu, who had her first hit, Shout! at 15, was no exception. It’s just that she wouldn’t acknowledge it.

Not any more, though. Now, at 63, she’s at last prepared to let down her guard a little and talk about it.

‘I’ve always tended to put my career Burberry Factory Outlet
first,’ she admits. ‘It’s been who I am for almost 50 years — I can’t imagine life without it. I became a performer, even when I wasn’t on stage. The light on the TV camera went on and, instantly, I became this creature called Lulu.

Happily solo: Lulu, now in her sixties, has finally come to terms with the past

‘I now realise there were times when I could have eased my foot off the pedal. When I first had Jordan Burberry UK Online
[her only child from her second marriage, to celebrity hairdresser John Frieda] I should have dipped out for a year.More...Healthier and happier than ever! Britney Spears cuddles up to fiance Jason Trawick and her two sons as they holiday in Hawaii'I'm coming into my own': Katie Holmes hinted at 'new phase' in her life... six weeks before announcing split from Tom CruiseWhy Mick Jagger and Christine Aguilera gave Maroon 5's latest album a new swagger

‘But I thought you had to keep going, and that’s a real regret. I should have been confident and relaxed Buy Burberry Outlet
enough to enjoy the first year of my baby’s life. But I was frightened I wouldn’t be able to get on the treadmill again.’

She has previously said she regretted being a working mother. When Jordan was 14, the marriage foundered. After much soul-searching, she and John agreed that it would be better if their son went to live with his father who was now permanently based in America, while Lulu pursued her career in the UK.

Family time: Lulu with her second husband, Buy Burberry Online
celebrity hairdresser John Frieda, and their son Jordan in 1977

Jordan was duly sent to boarding school in the States but it ended unhappily, and he subsequently, and no less unhappily, became a boarder at Eton before winning a place at Cambridge.

‘I’ve asked myself many times since,’ says Lulu, ‘whether, if I could turn back the clock, I’d have let Jordan go to America to live with John. And the truth is that I still don’t know the answer.’

She has also analysed why her marriage to John ultimately failed. She suffered a miscarriage at the end of the Eighties — Jordan was only 11 at the time — and she thinks now that it signalled the beginning of the unravelling Buy Burberry Bags
of the marriage.

‘But I was in denial at the time,’ she says. ‘The trouble with me is that I’m a bit of a soldier. The war’s over. I pick myself up and off I go again. Now, I give myself permission to examine my emotions before moving on.

‘It’s part of the necessary healing process. Suppressing something is never going to work because those feelings will inevitably surface in other ways at other times.’

The younger Lulu lacked this self-awareness, though. ‘So, in the end, I lost a baby, a husband and my only child. It was incredibly painful. I always used to say I didn’t regret only having one child. But it wasn’t true. I’d have loved another baby. But now I feel able to say that I’ve reached an acceptance of what happened.’

Registering emotion seems to be the new order of the day. ‘I consider myself one of the lucky people, but of course it hasn’t always been plain sailing,’ says Lulu. ‘There have been dark chapters, painful experiences.

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