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CLC experiance (collegiate printing)

Posted on Tue, 13 Jul 2004 at 10:10

Hi all. I just wanted to get some feedback from people about the CLC. We are having some major problems with the CLC about getting licensed with some more schools. We already hold two licenses and are trying to get others, but the CLC doesnt want us to have them. The schools and the major stores from that area want us bad. They have all called the CLC and asked them to give us the license, but the CLC denied us.
Anytime we submit a design we always have to jump through hoops over and over. It gets more and maore frustrating everyday that we deal with the CLC. We have to use the CLC to print for these schools. We are a small company but we are growing real fast and tons of clients want our stuff. We have had to buy more autos and other equipment to keep up with our growth. We have three autos and will be getting more shortly. So the CLC cant say we can't keep up with the demand. I've worked very hard for many years to get were we are now, but the only thing that is keeping us down is the CLC. They just dont want us to make it. They have a monopoly on the collegiate market; I thought these were illegal in the US.? Also isn't there something called the Fair Trade Act?
Is there anybody else out there that is having these problems or other ones with the CLC? Does anyone know what we can do?

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