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Intro to Screenprinting Course KIngston, Ont

Posted on Sat, 23 Oct 2010 at 14:46

Conducted by Andy MacDougall, ASPT, this intense 2 day course will cover all the basics of the screen process and get you working on multi-color t-shirts or flat graphic materials, in a professional shop. Limited enrollment means lots of hands on learning and personal attention. Cost is $250. KIngston is located midway between Toronto and Montreal, with easy access to the USA.

For inquiries or to register, contact

Julian Berry or phone 613-484-6666

For more info on what we cover in 'Intro to Screenprinting Workshops', visit and look under 'Workshops and Training'

Andy is a member of the Academy of Screenprinting Technology and the author of 'Screenprinting today, the Basics. He is a columnist for SP magazine (Shop Talk) as well as a contributing author of feature stories on various aspects and personalities in our screenprinting world.

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