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Making Screens with Sign Vinyl

Posted on Sun, 1 Apr 2007 at 10:07

Recently a student of mine, had a flaw in a screen ( a missing center for a "B" and an "A" ) and I told him to use sign vinyl , cut the item in his vinyl cutter, and replace the missing items.

He mis-understood my advice and re-made the whole screen with sign vinyl, and used it successfully to make 100 shirts with Union Ink. He has since made Forty , 24" x 18" , coroplast signs with this same method, using Nazdar 59-XXX series ink. ( no ... I did not make a mistake on the number ... I suggest using this over the 7500 or 5900 series all day long).

I have wondered for years just how well vinyl would work, but never got around to trying it.


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