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Photoshop Color Separator

Posted on Mon, 24 Jan 2005 at 14:26

PriceIt Software introduces a state of the art Adobe Photoshop color separator Solid Seps 1.5

In 2003 PriceIt Software began the development of a C++ application to automate the donating task of color separations in Adobe Photoshop.

This task was not easy do to the wide variables that have haunted the screen-printing community for years.

Many attempts have been made to solve the color separations issues via Photoshop action pallets with lack luster results.

We have included 5 different separation techniques

Base White, Top White and Black channels will automatically be generated, if not needed just disregard.

Auto Index Adaptive “select from 2 – 12 colors”
Auto Index Selective “select form 2 – 12 colors”
Spot Colors “select form 2 – 12 colors”
8 Color Pre Set Index “will generate up to 8 channels very accrete for full spectrum art”
7 Color Simulated Process “Halftone channels you will need a rip program and set the angle and frequency when outputting the films”

Download an evaluation version today
We will have some printed samples on display at the upcoming ISS Show in Ft. Lauderdale January 28 - 30 2005 booth 906 and Atlantic City March 10 - 12 booth 1136

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