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pigment dyed garment problem

Posted on Mon, 5 Dec 2005 at 15:08

I have a reoccurring problem when printing on pigment dyed cotton jersey and fleece. Sometimes there will be a noticable impression of the squeegee left on the garment after printing. The squeegee leaves a rectangular lightened area on the fabric, outside of the print, that corresponds to the squeegee "footprint." Especially frustrating is that the problem is not consistent. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. We have tried the obvious -- adjusting pressure -- but to no avail. Perhaps it has to do with dye lot, since one week we have the problem, two weeks later, when printing on the same color garment, same manufacturer, etc., there is not a problem. Perhaps it is relative humidity, however we have tried pre-drying the shirts with inconclusive results.

Sound familiar to anyone? Solutions, suggestions?

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