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printing 18x24 on 40x56??

Posted on Mon, 2 May 2005 at 21:37

guys, im looking at getting a graphics press, pretty much settled on an M&R renegade with takeoff, uv dryer, etc. at least thats the one i want.

anyway, i plan on doing the ususal 18x24's and 12x18's. These would be nearly 100% of my "forseen" buisness.

i am looking at the 40x56 renegade though. i have a tendancy not to underbuy on anything, and i want to have the ability to go bigger if i need to.

the big thing is, since i have never screen printed, and i know most of the buisness will be real estate signs, would it be much of a hassle printing the smaller signs on a larger press, really no difference... or should i get one with a screen size more along the lines of the size i anticipate printing?

thanks in advance...

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