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Proofing systems

Posted on Tue, 30 Nov 2004 at 16:38

Hello all-

A question regarding two avenues in proofing as applied for garment printing. The lead in our Art Dept is wanting to find a proof printing system to show a color accurate proof of our art that includes specifically the colors that are used in the piece. This would include the screening(lpi) and custom angles, spot colors generated (NOT mixes to simulate) and I assume from what I can gather of his request the underbase as needed for dark shirts(yup, that means he wants to be able to print on black stcok of some sort- sheeesh). So basically, a print that emulates what we will see on the shirt with no need to go to film, burn, press setup, etc.
Also, he requests information for an on screen (thats monitor) display of same- color accurate, lpi, angles, mixes, etc.

Now, considering the plethora of colors of inks that our shop has on hand, I find this a pipe dream of sorts. The only system I am familiar with that comes close (but doesnt fit his bill because it still mixes for colors utilizing CMYK, Orange, Green, Dark Blue, Metallic, and White underbase) is a Kodak Approval NX Digital Halftone Proofing System for the printed proof. As I said however, this doesnt have the capabilities he is demanding overall. Especially considering that 6 figure cost!(Which might be CHEAP considering what he DOES want!)

The desktop proofing system he wants I think is more readily available, as I remember in the past having had such a thing (I forget the name). RIP a file as postscript, call it up in said software. No problem, right? Except I be darned if I can easily find the bugger or a similar product today!(sometimes the over-abundance of info hides the thing you're looking for right in front of you- I assume that is the case here)

Anyone who may have insight or understanding of my inquisition(s), your input and knowledge would be so much appreciated!


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