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Screen Printer Research

Posted on Tue, 10 Aug 2004 at 16:14

My name is Kerry Devine from IT Strategies, Inc. IT Strategies, Inc. is a strategic marketing and research company focused in the digital print area. Currently we are working on a project to better understand and survey Screen Printing Companies. We are trying to understand the relative adoption of digital printing technology. We are interested in interviewing companies who have digital and also companies who have not adopted digital.

If you would be will to take some time to speak with me, let me know when it is convenient for you. I will be interviewing all next week.

In exchange for your time, we can send you a free report. Check out this site to see the reports available.

All of the information that you share with me will remain strictly confidential and will only be used to assist the Large Format Vendors (Epson, HP, Canon, etc.) in developing new products. We only work for the manufacturers and do not share information with any end users or others. In addition your name will not be shared with the manufacturer only your company type.

Kerry Devine

I.T Strategies
Boston Tokyo

Location of Opportunity or Item

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