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Setting up an Epson R7800 for Halftones AND dye sublimation.

Posted on Tue, 17 Jul 2007 at 16:14

Hi. My name is Shane Meendering. I am a new screen printer. I am planning in purchasing an Epson R7800 24" Wide Format Printer. I plan on setting up FastInk and FastRIP for the ability to print Halftones. I also plan on Setting it up for Dye Sublimation, which I know is possible, but many suppliers don't sell what is needed to set it up. So here's my question.

Is there a way I can set up my R7800 for both Dye Sublimation and Halftones? Could I still use it for Digital Graphics Printing as well as other applications?

As a new screen printer, low-cost is very important to me. What would be the cheapest way to accomplish this?

Thank you.

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