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Vacuumforming help !

Posted on Mon, 12 Sep 2005 at 11:45


We got our 6x4 ft semi-auto press and recently we ventured into Vacuum-thermoforming of printed Acrylics for Light boxes.
We face the problem of “image deforming” shifting of elements after forming.

1.Is this a problem faced by every ‘print-thermoformer’ ? No permanent precaution available ?
2.Is it practical to restrict heating outer areas(stretch areas) only, by individual control on the Ceramic elements, to avoid stretch on the printed, flat area?
3.Is any software available ?
4.Is any books available, which explains this particular problem in thermoforming ?
5.What are your expert suggestions as precautions:
A.on Plastic substrate,
C.Vacuumforming Machine etc.

We value your recommendations & suggestions, which are crucial for us.

Thanks for the time.


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