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vintage style tshirts

Posted on Sat, 19 Feb 2005 at 4:09


so, i spent this earlier part of the week at pool and magic (printed apparel trade show) in las vegas. i've talked to a few vendors with their own lines of vintage style tshirts. they all have the "ironic" sayings/graphics on them, like the ones you see at urban outfitters. they all say they can sell me blanks at $5-6 if i order 500+. the style of shirt is very thin, and faded in color, just like your favorite shirt from 20 years ago, washed and worn.

my theory is that they are all getting them from the same place, and i have a few leads that they are coming from mexico. they are similar to american apparel, but a ton cheaper. does anybody have any leads on this manufacturer? if your lead turns out to be worthwhile, i will return the favor to make it up to you.

thanks for your time,

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