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Dry Transfers

Posted on Fri, 4 Jun 2004 at 15:09

Okay, I've searched high and low with no luck. How do you print dry transfers (rub ons)? I would like to make a simple one-color design but haven't even been able to find out how the professional transfers are made. I don't want to use water-slides, I want rub downs, like in the old days...

I've done a bit of screen printing and it looks like that might be the way to go but what kind of paper to print on and what type of ink and adhesive? I've found out that Sericol has a dry transfer additive for their inks as well as a dry transfer adhesive but I've never used anything other than water-based inks.

Is it possible to use an inkjet or laser printer to print on some type of release paper then apply adhesive? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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Anonymous says: Hi David Did you ever findd out how to do this as I've been researching the same question as yours for ages without success? Mike posted on: Sun, 07/25/2004 - 8:29am

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