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Questions about printing on wood

Posted on Mon, 1 Nov 2004 at 12:46

I have a 1 time job printing 1600 pieces 2 color on wood, and I am looking for a couple answers and a couple tips.

1) The letters will be about 1/4 inch tall (.26") with extended, sharp serifs. Can I use the 156 mesh which I have in stock? I think not, but am hopeful. If it matters, the lettering will be reversed out rather than printed directly

2) I have emulsion hardner which allows waterbased inks -- Is there a brand or additive I should be aware of?

3) What off-contact distance should we start with? I have a home-built press which is not very adjustable, and home made screens stretched using a newman and 4 cee clamps. Sigh. is 1/8" close enough? We will be jigging the wood pieces up and printing multiples.


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