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TF card reader PNY mobile phone

Posted on Fri, 13 May 2011 at 3:28

TF memorycards starzmart with fine thin cabinet features is widely used in mobile phones, MP4, portable speakers and other electronic products, it and computer data transfer between also most frequently. But usually computer and did not provide TF card interface, carry too troublesome, small data wholesale electronics and the TF card reader become the most ideal choice. PNY specifically for this part of the recently launched a new product user - multifunction cell phone baby. This product is TF card reader with TF memory, besides can realize perfect combination with computer data TF card besides can separately transmitted as one paragraph U disk use, a content multi-purpose fashion portable. with perfect fit little baby listed

PNY phones with black and white baby, the former two paragraphs to feel more professional, the latter sedate with fashion show lively and. Two paragraphs of the cabinet and delicate as the appearance. Function it is both TF card is also reader is U disk. When users in the use of android tablet small card into the TF should be within the reader, and then insert the computer USB interface card reader for transmission operation. At this time the card reader tail will issue blu-ray instructions working conditions, very special. It is worth noting phones at the bottom of the baby little yellow triangle button, a single click it TF card can automatic popup, very human nature is changed.

Ferial, TF card and card reader combined with the phone after PNY little baby can completely as a paragraph U disk to use 2GB to 32GB, capacity from everything. And within the TF card ebook reader packing collocation of all genres PNY itself for quality assurance, cell phones, implements the lifelong little baby itself also have a year of quality assurance commitment, name of quality from the user misgivings.

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