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9700 Series NazDar Ink Static Problem?

Posted on Thu, 19 Feb 2004 at 14:06

Heya everyone,

Can you suggest solutions for a problem that i'm having printing NazDar 9700 series inks. I'm getting static on the printed substraight. (Small ink hairs that shoot out onto the unprinted areas.) It looks ok until you look up close. I don't have the problem with NazDar's 7TS inks that they manufacture for Avery reflective sheetings. I have the semi-automatic printer grounded and the drying rack grounded. The humitity isn't to low or to high. I have added the NazDar static eliminator additive and that does nothing. I've messed with increasing the off-contact and then decreasing it with no noticable effects. Iv'e adjusted the squeegee pressure & speed and not seen any positive effects as well. I do notice a difference that when I set a similare print up with 9700 on our manual printer I usually don't get static problems, but on the semi-automatic I do. I'm open to any other ideas.

Thanks in advance,

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