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I want to learn how to screen print

Posted on Mon, 19 Apr 2004 at 21:45

Wow, im so happy i found a screen printing forum...i just hope this is the right place. I hope i dont get anyone mad with such a post that probably gets posted often, but i really want to learn to screen print.

Heres my situation. me and a buddy of mine decided we wanna start a small local clothing company. mostly just shirts with designs (simple, 1, MAYBE 3 color max) maybe a few hats and sweaters. see, were both college students, and well you can understand right now we probably dont have much money. i went around to local screen printing places and got estimates. the prices were fine, except with i would have to order a large quanity of shirts. now just getting started, and were mostly doing this for fun, no plans to make big money or take it as an carrer, we dont have that kind of money to invest in a lot of shirts if we dont sell any. I always take pride in doing my own work and like learning new things. newest hobby, screen printing. i got a room i can use to set up my supplies and ive been reading online on the basics of what im getting into. except now i just have a few quesitons i could find answers to.

my plan is to get a 4 color machine. other than that i really dont know what else i would need to purchase to get started. my idea is to design basic single color designs on my computer and transfer those for screen printing. im lost as to what other materials i would need, and brand i should stick to. Im looking at printing white lettering on black cotton shirts. can anyone here tell me what i would need to get started being i buy a 4 color press machine. my email is if anyone can post here or help me out. i would highly appreciate any help offered. or if you have any links to sites i can check out, maybe where i can get good supplies that would be great. well sorry for that long book. thanks in advance.


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