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lacquer to laminate printouts

Posted on Sun, 16 Oct 2005 at 6:38

Dear SirMadam,
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The mission of French-Polish firm Prim Jet Color is to fulfill the aspirations of customers in a whole development of their creativity as modern authors of visual art as well as to help in formation of an advantageous image of companies applying our products.
We offer services of our employees and cooperating companies aimed toward perfection, keeping always in mind the everyday protection of the environment of our Planet as well as the satisfaction of customers.
Prim Jet Color produces various kind of lacquers, under the common name Pre-Coat, designed for the initial preparation of the media’s surface on which has to be made printout. In the offer there are following products: the lacquer suitable for Mild Eco-Solvent ink, one-component lacquer for sublimation transfer on the cotton and two-component lacquer for sublimation transfer on metal, ceramics and a glass, respectively.
The lacquer Pre-Coat contains additional components increasing printouts resistance to the UV radiation.
The lacquer Top Coat was designed to laminate printouts. It is prepared on the basis of water acrylic dispersion. Lacquer Top Coat protects paintings on PVC, banners and tarpaulin obtained using an inkjet plotter.

Best regards,
Michal Duda

Prim Jet Color
PL-80-299 Gdañsk-Osowa,
ul. Wendy 15 D

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