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NEED HELP ...Coroplast Screening

Posted on Sat, 2 Apr 2005 at 18:05

I used to print shirts , and recently decided to screen coroplast signs ... WHAT A MESS !!

I am using 28"x36" screens ( maybe this is too small) ... and have tried 200, 255, 305 mesh. Tried Nazdar 59-000 ink & Cericol Ink.
So far I either get TOO MUCH ink and have to pry off the coroplast ( this does not give the ideal result ) ... or the ink SKIPS over the flukes ( I am printing ACROSS them, not with them).

I am helping the coroplast industry profits with my waste, but little else.

Would appreciate any advise on TWEEKING my operation. I am thinking my screens may not be large enough and since I am using a 1/8th inch ( or so ) OFF CONTACT, I may be expecting more elasticity from the screen than it is willing to give.

I doubt that I am going to be a real threat to the industry as a whole, so hopefully some of you KNOWLEDGABLE printers will pass along some knowledge and show me where I am going wrong.

Thanks ........... Richard

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