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photoluminescent/luminous/phosphorescent/glowing pigment and

Posted on Fri, 9 Apr 2004 at 5:55

We, Lightleader Co., Ltd is a company dedicated in research, development, production, and sales of new types of photoluminescent products.

These photophotoluminescent products are new types of long after-glow photophotoluminescent products. Free from any radioactive substance and with strong capability of absorbing-storing-emitting light, the photophotoluminescent products can glow in the dark automatically after absorbing varieties of visible lights.


Good quality:

seeing is believing. You can see and test our quality by your own.

Best price:

at the same quality level, our price is much lower than other suppliers.

We have 4 series of photoluminescent pigment ---- yellow-green, blue-green, blue and purple photoluminescent pigment, which are sorted by their ¡°night glowing¡±.

We have 8 series of photoluminescent plastic masterbatch, which are ABS, AS, PC, PS, PE, PP, PET, PVC. Each of them has 3 kinds of content ----25%, 20% and 15%.

We have 2 series of photoluminescent fiber----PET photoluminescent fiber: 150D/36F(FDY, DTY) long yarns in 9 colors and 1.5D*38MM short yarns;PP photoluminescent fiber:150D(UDY), 500D(UDY), 900D(UDY).

We have 2 series of photoluminescent film/foil----PVC and PET.

If you need more information, please email or fax to us.

Best regards,

Clive Zhang

Lightleader Co.,Ltd

Beijing Headquarter
ADD: NO.69,Zhongmensi Street, Mentougou District, Beijing, 102300,China
TEL: (86) 10 64926423
FAX: (86) 10 64428350

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