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Please help with sublimation hardware question

Posted on Thu, 24 Jun 2004 at 11:55


Can someone please help me with some information?

Sawgrass Technologies has a system that allows you to apply sublimation ink (with a laser printer) on 100% cotton t's. It is called the Natura system.
It uses a very special sublimation ink that they developed.

The problem with the system (at least for a low budget start-up) is that it is VERY expensive to purchase. Mainly because of the 6K$ printer that comes with it.

My question is:
Can someone please tell me of another company that I can buy the special toner from that will do the same thing?

Preferably that will work with several different laser printers.

If you are not familiar with Natura, You can check it out here:

(My goal is to be able to print an image from my computer (with a laser printer) onto transfer paper and heat press it onto 100% cotton t-shirts)

Thank you for you help in this matter,

John Dumas

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