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Proprietary Ink Labelling System

Posted on Thu, 2 Sep 2004 at 19:34


We all know the woes of customers constantly specifying new pms inks that need to be mixed. Our shop is printing swatches of each ink we mix, and presenting them in a book to give customers more to look at than our stock RFU inks, and save mixing time. This helps alot, but our production manager took it on himself to create his own numbering system for each ink, which is cross-referenced to the pms number.

The owner of the shop wants all orders to show just the new number in the work order, without a color name or the pantone equivalent. It is left mostly up to me to do the conversions for the film labels and the work orders. Customers who spec pms colors (designers) will only see the proprietary number with no reference to the color they specified. Needless to say, I have strong feelings about this, but wanted some other feedback on the subject. Please (oh pleeeese) send me your thoughts and comments so that I can forward to the owner. He feels that keeping the proprietary number will protect us from someone taking one of our work orders to another shop to duplicate a job. Any feedback is MUCH appreciated.

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