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Scale for mixing ink

Posted on Mon, 5 Mar 2007 at 11:28

Hello all,

My company is interested in developing a scale that helps the printer mix ink. From conversations with offset printers and ink manufacturers it was suggested that the pad and screen printing industry might be interested in such a device.

I'd love to hear from anyone that has ever mixed ink and was frustrated by the process or had an idea of how ink mixing could be improved upon. Here are a few questions that come to mind.

1. How much ink do you mix at one time?

2. How often do you mix ink in a typical week?

3. What kind of accuracy do you need (e.g. 1/10 gram)?

4. Do you often have to modify the PMS (or other color guide) formulas?

5. How do you presently mix ink?

6. Do you keep a database of ink formulas?

7. What features should a scale have to ideally suit your needs?

Thanks in advance for any and all comments.


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Vasanth_111 says: good quastion and useful for all.thank very much. i also intresed to know about color mixing.. any one know about it pls reply.... :idea: posted on: Thu, 03/08/2007 - 1:13am

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