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need advice regarding fine lines

Posted on Fri, 26 Nov 2004 at 20:32

I'm trying to imprint images composed of very fine lines (think of fairly detailed pen-sketch artwork) but can't seem to get the inks to really be permanent. I'm using the ink type recommended for the substrate involved (at the moment, coffe mugs). I've also learned here that I need to work with a shop temperature of between 65-70 degrees F. I did some trial ones that were then used and washed only about once a week. But the images came off in places when run through a dishwasher. Is this dishwasher demolition a common reaction? Is there a formula somewhere for how long things like this should bake in the oven to set the image? Or is it the fact that I'm using fine lines? I'd be wiped out if this were the problem, as I have huge ideas for this thing that involve using my own pen artwork as a basis. Many thanks.

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