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Need help with pics of your baseplates, think mine is design

Posted on Mon, 14 Jun 2004 at 8:30

I need some help figuring out how other brands of pad machines baseplates are designed.

My machine is a TTN. and the baseplate is made of alu, with magnets and screws in the corner of where the cliches should be fasten.

I have some very wierd problems with printing, when the logo gets bigger and when I want to print on round objects, I need to use a pad with a low angle, but this isnt even possible as the print gets full of pinholes on the pickup. I have tried to mix the ink in every way that Marabu specifies and no diffrent result. The working conditions in my shop is 50% humidity, 20 celsius, so I think we can rule out that as a problem.

When I pickup the print with a pad with more angle, and print it on a flat surface it looks great!. But to get the same print onto a round object like a coffe mugg I need to use a pad with less angle and then the problems begins. No matter how I adjust speed, ink or etch the cliche, the same problems are there, pinholes all over the logo.

I was thinking that as the thin steel cliches are only fasten down with the magnets in the corners, when a flatter pad is used, the cliche perhaps gets lifted with the pad as it goes up from the cliche (As a big pad has more lifting force, and the lifting force also incresses when the angle is lower). So how as the other manufacures made thier base plates? Backed with magnets all over the baseplates or just in the corners?

I have also tried diffrent shores, and diffrent brands of pads, the pad have been cleaned with aceton, so they are working.

Please help me, as I seam to have bought a very expensive small screen printer (Only small logos and on flat surfaces can be printed).....


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