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Pad Printing on computers/monitors, etc.

Posted on Mon, 9 Aug 2004 at 12:53

I am looking to get any information possible about pad printing, equip. needed, etc. to get logos on computer monitors, tablet pc's, pocket pc's, servers, etc.

I want to get an idea of whether or not it would be possible to purchase this type of equipment, or would it be better to outsource, etc.

Any info on this would be really appreciated!


Location of Opportunity or Item


Anonymous says: Contact me at 517-486-6409 posted on: Thu, 08/26/2004 - 6:10am
Anonymous says: yes this is possible and not as expensive to do Don`t outsource it,not a good ideea it gets costy1 Do it in house if you have volume printing! posted on: Sat, 09/25/2004 - 9:44am

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