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Problem with Marabau GL ink...

Posted on Wed, 17 Dec 2003 at 3:58

I have some problems with printing GL ink from Marabau.

The problem I have is that the ink will not release from the pad completly. I have tested the cliché, pads, and pad pressure with TPL from Marabau and then it works perfectly. Only problem is I need to use the GL ink becuase I need its properties of being dishwasher proof.

I have tried to mix the gl with diffrent % of thinner in it. I have even tried it with out thinner. No luck getting it of the pad completly. I then tried to print 3 "fake" cycles, as I have a 4 color machine and this particular art work was a 1 color. Then I got it to release as it should, but the print doesnt look good, it has "pin holes", no matter what % of thinner I use... I have tried to adjust pad pressure, speed of machine, no differance in success...

Anyone that has printed with Marabau GL ink, and can give any tips on what to try. Or anyone that can recommend a ink from another manufacture that will work on glass, metals that is also dishwasher proof... And that is perhaps easier that the Marabau GL ink to work with...


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