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questions about pad printing

Posted on Sat, 29 Jan 2005 at 21:29


I am a screen printer considering buy a 1 color pad printer to expand my business. I was wondering:

1) Are there any books or web sites that might help me plan for this purchase?

2) Can anyone direct me to sites with a good variety of wholesales products? I'm especially interested in shot glasses, beer glasses, wine glasses.

3) Honestly, how much are the costs involved in printing? For example, not counting the mugs, to print coffee mugs? Set up, plates, ink, etc.

Any help and opinions would be greatly appreciated. I've been looking for help and not finding much of anything. Same with wholesale products. I found cheap lights and a few sites that sell the printers also offer a limited supply of products. But I can't find anything like shot glasses, wine glasses. I know the stuff is out there, I just can't find it.

Kenton Franklin
Roofpig Printing, Inc.

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